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Inside the club, Grammy-nominated R&B artist serpentwithfeet was taking notes on intimacy and physical connection. The result is GRIP, a journey of romance, dance and a celebration of the spirit of Black queer nightlife. We spoke to serpentwithfeet about the magical album and what's next:

What an album! Congratulations. We especially love how it begins, and how it ebbs and flows. What was the catalyst for this project? When did you know what you wanted to write about, when did you feel the inspiration hit?

To be honest, I had been ruminating on this concept for several years before I wrote the actual album. I felt really passionate about the topic of physical closeness so it was clear to me that this was the season to write about physical intimacy. 

Where did you write this album? While you were crafting it, did you immerse yourself into club culture and going out more so than usual or is this very much a reflection of your life?

I wrote the album in LA mostly. I didn’t party more than usual while working on this project. I think I collected enough data already. 

We love the slower moments too - Spades and Rum Throwback are great. What do you hope people take from this album? What do you hope they recognise in your songs?

I hope people are reminded of a time when they felt secure and safe in someone’s arms. I hope people can recall a time when their touch made someone feel loved. 

Is there a song you are most proud of creating?

Lucky Me. It’s one of the most heartfelt & concise songs I’ve written. I listen back to it & I’m always shocked that I was so in tune with my feelings the day I wrote & recorded it. 

What did you learn about yourself personally from making this record?

I learned that it’s always time for me to challenge myself & express myself fully. 

How do you think you have evolved as an artist on your third album?

I think I play with omission & silence more now. What I say is just as important as what’s unsaid. I also grew so much because of my collaborators. They taught me so much about storytelling and I am grateful for them. 

You’ve got some incredible features on here. We’re big fans of Orion and Mick. What did these collaborations bring to GRIP? How did they add to your world?

Orion and Mick are genius. Both of them are so clever at threading ideas together and being incisive. I learned a lot while witnessing their process. All of the features on this album are brilliant and bring so much colour and life to the project. 

Where would you love to perform this album?

I would love to perform it in nature. Maybe in Martinique at Jardin de balata which is a beautiful botanical garden. I’m curious to hear what the songs might sound like billowing through the leaves. 

What’s something that you’re passionate about, that’s been inspiring you lately? (Aside from music).

I am such a fan of house Lamps and candles. Soft lighting indoors is everything!

What’s next?

More laughter… More daydreaming... More effervescence... More kombucha. hahaha

Listen to GRIP here.