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Marc Jacobs’ 40th birthday party was a big one. There were star-studded, humerus campaigns in the lead up to what later included dolled-up celebutants, and best of all, a catwalk, to celebrate four decades of fabulous fashion fun.

Models wore their hair in huge candy floss masses, courtesy of Duffy, atop their heads as they paraded through New York’s Park Avenue Armoury. Passing through the legs of a colassal folding table and chair designed by the late artist Robert Therrien, the ‘paper dolls’ sported cute, pastel hued co-ords blown out to exaggerated proportions that almost felt cartoonish. The shoulders, which were arched forward, waistlines, which jutted out at the hip and seams, which were irreverently exposed only added to the animated feel of it all.

As if taking a note from the wardrobe of Jackie Kennedy (a seemingly frequent muse for the designer), looks were very mid-century-ladylike with shifts, cocktail dresses and chic skirt suits filling out the body of the offering. But a touch of trashy Y2K style managed to worm its way in too by way of velour tracksuits that was a collab with Jacobs’ youth-centric subsidiary line, Heaven.

Closing with a series of floor-sweeping column gowns peppered with large silver sequins, there’s something to be said about an anniversary collection. Marc Jacobs might be getting older but it still knows how to appeal to bright eyed and bushy tailed youths. Turning 40 has never looked so fabulous.

Photography courtesy of Marc Jacobs.