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A new object of desire has arrived from Gucci. The Gucci Attache has been reworked by Alessandro Michele, who went deep into the archives to recreate the seventies handbag. “I was fascinated by the bag after having laid upon it a casual and fleeting glance while I was in the archive…," Alessandro says. "Immediately, a desire took shape to reinterpret it and include it in the Love Parade collection for the fashion show in Los Angeles because its silhouette, typical of the Seventies, projects a very modern attitude that convinced me to draw out an eclectic symbol that could express the idea of a dual function. It is its G-shaped clasp detail, with its mechanical origin, that makes it the joining link between a bourgeois spirit, typical of an object of this kind, and the functionality of the world of utility." The metal G-clasp gives the bag its name - attache is the French word for 'hook'. The Gucci gang runs through the city to the Peaches perfectly chosen tune of 'Boys Wanna Be Her', Attache bag by their sides. Coming in medium and large sizes, the new bag is versatile and va-va-voluminous. We're totally attached.

Photography by Max Siedentopf.