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Combining Eastpak’s quintessential bag silhouettes and robust ‘Built to Resist’ ethos with Vivienne Westwood’s scribbly planet print, the brands’ latest link-up is about to have you soaring into outer space. First conceptualised by Andreas Kronthaler’s for Vivienne Westwood’s SS19 runway collection, the accessories collection is inspired by the astrological significance of ‘Saturn return’ which happens just few times in a person’s life. ‘Saturn return’ is characterised by the movement of the planet to the same ecliptic longitude that it was positioned at the moment of a person’s birth and is thought to mark important life moments. As such, the collection is highly symbolic of change and most importantly, suggests the need for significant shifts to the way in which we care for our planet. With  longevity, durability and innovation at its heart, the collab also supports the Cool Earth initiative, a charity fighting the climate global crisis and providing employment support for people affected by climate disasters. Contribute to this cosmic force for global change by shopping the bags here.