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National Geographic Wear is honouring the Earth’s oldest ecosystems in a new campaign for the AW24 collection. Wearing our ultimate winter wear, Jessica Gomes and Akim Boudjaoui ground themselves amongst a rainforest in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, powered up in the collection’s sleek insulated puffer jackets, streamlined sweatshirts and classic hoodies. We spoke to Gomes about the force of nature and working with the iconic brand:

What do you do to stay grounded?

I always love to come back to Australia. Coming home always gives me a sense of relief. I love to just do the simplest things like cooking, planting something, going for a swim at the beach and a nice long walk. Surrounding myself with good friends and family always keeps me grounded.

How has growing up in Australia influenced and inspired your life?

Growing up with immigrant parents that worked very hard in Australia and making this our home was always very inspiring to me. My parents really loved the West Coast so to have that back drop and be raised in Perth surrounded by nature was always so inspiring because it felt so isolated. It gave me space to dream and have a big imagination.

Where is your favourite place in nature in the world?

My garden! I love what I have created and it just makes me so happy every time I step into it and nurture it and watch things grow. Also, I'd have to say down south in Western Australia where the best beaches and forests to explore in are - so many beautiful landscapes to see.

How does your environment inspire you? Do you retreat to nature often?

When I'm in nature without distraction I become very calm. Within that calmness, I find inspiration in everything around me.  

We love the campaign. How did it feel to shoot in a Rainforest in the middle of Sydney?

It felt really good that within Sydney there was this beautiful rainforest which made me feel I could have been anywhere.  

How did you feel in the pieces?

I felt very cool and comfortable in them. I feel like i could take on any adventure wearing them.

What does it mean to you to be part of the Nat Geo world?

I've been apart of the Nat Geo world for a long time. So it's exciting to be a part of this campaign for such an iconic brand.

What music are you currently listening to? What’s on your nature walk playlist?

Loving country music at the moment. Kasey Musgraves' Deeper Well and I'm also loving Dua Lipa's new Radical Optimism album.

Where in the world is still on your bucket list of places you’d like to explore?

Ireland, Scotland and Iceland are at the top of my list. Also, I've never been to Alice Springs I have always wanted to see Uluru.

The slogan of the campaign is ‘the responsibility is yours’ - what do you do in your life to be more sustainable?

I've started my own veggie garden and I grow lots of greens and eat a lot of greens. I have chickens and ducks that lay fresh eggs every morning and try to be as natural and eat as organic as I can. I also buy less nowadays and support mostly sustainable, eco-friendly and organic brands.

Shop the National Geographic Wear AW24 collection HERE. Every purchase from National Geographic Wear helps support the global non-profit National Geographic Society in its work to protect and illuminate our world through exploration, research and education. To learn more, visit

Talent Jessica Gomes, Akim Boudjaoui
Photographer and Filmmaker
Bartolomeo Celestino
Creative Director
Rebecca Khoury
Keiren Street
Claire Thomson
Ernest Andreenko
Props Stylist
Kirsten Standwix Bookallil
Onset Prop Styling
Savanna Cohen
Cat Rose
DOP Christopher Quyen