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As the terror and war in Ukraine continues, we spoke to Ukrainian designers about what they are facing and how we can continue to effectively help the people of Ukraine and the industry. Next up is Anna Osmekhina of TTSWTRS. Read her statement below:

The 24th of February had to be one more exciting working day – we had to have an experimental shooting with the famous Ukrainian director that the TTSWTRS team was waiting for so much. We had ambitious plans, we argued, we dreamt and we loved. Loved each other and what we do. 

We — are 120 people. 

In the morning I got a call from my mom that the War has started. 

I generally consider this impossible in 2022 – the horror of not being able to return home, the fear for family and team all this follows me all the time. 

For a month now, I’ve been talking to my team who stay under sirens and praying for their lives and the lives of their families, I don’t want to accept that my talented family and such strong people live in bomb shelters and subways and I’m anxiously waiting for them to answer me. 

I don’t want a reality, where my team member’s parents' house was bombed and they’re hiding in a well. 

I don’t know how to believe that my friend’s village was bombed and only one neighbor survived. 

I am proud of our country our people and our president. I believe in the victory of Ukraine because Ukraine is now fighting for the right to be free to live in its country and the right to think like a free person! 

In these circumstances, it’s more important than ever to get the businesses running if possible, to save workplaces, and be able to donate costs for the needs of my country. 

We are also working on creative projects inspired by and in support of Ukraine.

The world stands for us but we encourage people to do more! 

The most important thing we can receive from the world and fashion industry at the moment is support:

  • opening doors to Ukrainian projects and collaborations
  • hiring specialists from Ukraine 
  • sharing the truth about the events in Ukraine (you can follow up-to-date news from Now in Ukraine here and/or follow them on Twitter).
  • donating costs to charity initiatives (Here’s a helpful link with information)

We are so thankful for the help from the people of different countries — this is what keeps us strong and helps us in moving forward. 

For more ways to help from outside of Ukraine, please click here.