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Awarded biannually, the esteemed Chanel Next Prize has just announced its 2024 winners. Each recipient will receive a generous €100,000 grant as well as a two-year mentorship and networking programme facilitated by the house’s cultural partners. Aimed at championing groundbreaking ideas and supporting visionary artists who are reshaping their respective fields, the prize was first established in 2021. This year’s winners mark the second cohort to be awarded the prestigious honour. The judging panel, comprising luminaries such as award-winning actress Tilda Swinton, artist Cao Fei, and curators Legacy Russell and Hans Ulrich Obrist, has meticulously selected a diverse group of 10 global artists spanning various disciplines, from visual art and film to dance, video game design, performance, opera, and digital art. “The Chanel Next Prize was founded to support the voices of our time,” says Yana Peel, the global head of arts and culture at Chanel. “The second edition of the prize will support ten more artists, each working at the forefront their discipline, as they pursue their next creative project. Artists are catalysts and pioneers. It is a joy to partner with the ten winners of the 2024 edition of the prize as they chart their creative journey. Watching their trajectory over the next two years will be a thrilling experience for everyone at Chanel.”

The first of the 2024 winners is Tolia Astakhishvili, an artist and writer based in Berlin who has been celebrated for her immersive architectural creations like Tenant (2021) and her latest exhibition, The First Finger (chapters I and II (2023)). Following suit is Kantemir Balagov, a visionary Russian film director who is renowned for his cinematic brilliance in works such as Closeness (2017) and Beanpole (2019). Oona Doherty, a choreographer originally from Belfast but now based in Marseille, adds her distinct flair to the mix, captivating audiences with her innovative contemporary dance creations.

From the bustling streets of New York, Sam Eng emerges as the fourth laureate, wielding his mastery in the realm of game development. Ho Tzu Nyen then brings his expertise in animation, video and immersive multimedia installations to the forefront, earning a well-deserved spot among the winners. Venturing from San Diego, Maxy Fox (above) enchants with her unique cinematic fusion, blurring the lines between horror and documentary. From the vibrant cultural landscape of Philadelphia, Moor Mother, also known as Camae Ayewa, captivates hearts and minds with her multifaceted talents as a musician, poet and activist.

Also on the roster is Dalton Paula, a Brazilian artist renowned for their portraits of marginalised figures in Brazilian history, and Anna Thorvaldsdottir, an Icelandic composer, who brings her innovative compositions to symphony orchestras. Lastly, but certainly not least, Davóne Tines, a singer and curator based in Baltimore, enriches the realms of theatre and opera with his dynamic performances.

Photography courtesy of Chanel.

Davone Tines
Tolia Astakhishvili
Oona Doherty
Ho Tzu Nyen
Moor Mother
Anna Thorvaldsdottir
Sam Eng
Kantemir Balagov
Dalton Paula