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Milk Makeup has (finally) arrived in Australia and we have been feeling fabulous in our Kush mascara and cream blush in Werk. Just a few favourites. The brand, built from New York City’s iconic Milk Studios was created with the mantra ‘Live Your Look’ in mind. Milk Makeup is a celebration of self-expression and challenging the beauty norms, with a focus on sustainability. To celebrate the arrival, we spoke to Mazdack Rassi, who founded Milk Studios in 1996 and then, Milk Makeup - and puts together a damn good soundtrack:

When was the moment you knew that makeup was the natural next step to come after Milk Studios?

"At Milk Studios we were able to build a strong community through our Made fashion week, gallery shows and staff. Our community came about organically and we wanted to create something for them in the same way--something that represented their spirit and creativity. Naturally we were able to express that through makeup."

What do you hope Milk Makeup brings to the beauty world that doesn’t already exist in that space?

"From the beginning and through today, we've strived to champion personal expression. We say “Live Your Look” because we mean it. We want to continue to democratise beauty so it feels inclusive to everyone."

How do you hope Milk Makeup users feel when using these products?

"Like themselves. We always aim for our products to enhance someone’s personal expression of beauty without masking them or having them confined to old school beauty standards."

Do you have a favourite product?

"I have so many favourites! But if I have to choose one it's the cooling water! It can be used for so many things… but I love keeping mine in the fridge for some much-needed depuffing in the mornings!"

There’s a lot of controversy recently around the concept of ‘clean beauty’ and what it actually means. What does clean mean to you?

"To me, one of the most important aspects of clean is full transparency with ingredients and creation. A lot of times the term “ Clean” can be overused, and obviously it has many interpretations, but ultimately we want our consumers to feel like they can trust our products, from the ingredients we use to how we formulate. I think as a brand, it's important to open your mind and search consistently for ways to improve, and at Milk Makeup we want to bring our community along for the journey and give them honest insight into our process and our products."

We’re so excited to experience Milk Makeup here. Where’s been the most exciting place for you to launch so far?

"I couldn't choose one place over another. It's so exciting to bring our products to people around the world. We feel like what once started out for our community in New York City is now able to reach people around the world who want to express themselves. Every place we reach is truly beyond my wildest dreams. We’ve always loved connecting with people in Australia and New Zealand and are thrilled that we can now get the product in their hands. We can’t wait to see what people create with our products!"

Are there other ‘Milk’ endeavours you’re considering…?

"Ha! I always have something brewing in my mind for Milk but nothing I can share just yet."

Who are some of the ultimate Milk muses to you?

"I get so inspired by the younger generation of creatives. I have to say they are the ultimate muses."

Is there anyone you’ve seen or would love to see wearing Milk Makeup?

"Billie Eilish has worn our products and she is definitely the ultimate ‘Milk muse’ inspiration."

If Milk Makeup had a soundtrack, who’s on it?

"I’d say a mix of old and new including Kate Bush, Frank Ocean, Snoh Aalegra, Billie Eilish, SZA, Tei Shi and Blondie to name a few artists!

Above image: Mazdack Rassi and friends at Milk Studios.