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New era pop princess Madison Beer has recently released her much anticipated debut album Life Support. Infused with impressive vocals, Kevin Parker-esque psychedelia and produced by the masters behind Melanie Martinez's CryBaby, Kinetics and One Love, Life Support is very much set in another world, on another planet, in another galaxy. We love every minute of it. So we followed Madison down the rabbit hole and asked her 10 questions:

10: We have been following you since you were discovered by Justin Bieber. How do you think 12-year-old Madison would feel knowing you’re about to release your debut album? 

MB: "I think she would be really proud. I’ve gone through a lot in my career, there were times when I struggled with feeling like people had given up on me. Ultimately, I think those experiences helped me to evolve and realize that I should never compromise on my artistic vision, so that’s the attitude I went into making Life Support with. I’m really proud of the outcome and the reception I’ve been getting from fans is so amazing. It’s a total coincidence, but my album actually came out on the 9-year anniversary of me posting my first YouTube cover."

10: We love all the singles! What was the process of Boyshit like? Did you begin with lyrics or a beat? Did you know what you wanted to write about that day in the studio? 

MB: "Thank you! Every day in the studio is different, sometimes I’ve journaled some lyric ideas and we’ll come up with a beat in the studio, or sometimes I have an idea for a melody that I want to write around. BOYSHIT was one of the last songs we recorded for the album. It’s simply about knowing your worth and when to leave a situation. This song is meant to uplift and inspire people, of all genders, to know when it’s time to stop putting up with BS."

10: How has your writing process evolved? Which songwriters do you look up to? What do you love to write about most? 

MB: "I’ve matured so much since I started writing music when I was a teenager. I write from experience, whether that be problems in relationships, mental health struggles, or wanting to feel confident and translating that into a song like “Baby.” There are so many people that I’ve looked up to over the years from every genre. I’m a huge fan of Lana Del Rey. The style of her writing is so poetic and descriptive. I’ve also been a longtime admirer of Melanie Martinez’s career, her attention to detail is incredible."

10: You always reference such great films in your music videos and we know you’re a huge film nerd. If you could wake up in a film tomorrow, which one would you choose? Why? 

MB: "That’s impossible to choose! I guess maybe The Truman Show? I’ve drawn inspiration from that film for a couple of songs on the album. I also really love Christopher Nolan movies; it would be so insane to star in a thriller."

10: What do you hope people take away from when listening to Life Support? 

MB: "I hope they see me and my story. All of me is laid bare on this album; it’s been a really fulfilling experience to create something that feels so true to myself. Going to the studio was often the one thing that got me out of bed every day, I’m not exaggerating when I say it was my lifeline. When fans tell me I’ve put a voice to something they’ve been feeling, it’s as affirming for me as it is for them. I’m really grateful for that connection."

10: We know you’re a huge fan of Kevin Parker’s work - what is it about Tame Impala that speaks to you? 

MB: "Every time someone asks me a question about him I just nerd out, I love everything about him and his work. He’s involved in every aspect of the music he puts out, from writing to mixing and mastering. He’s just a genius. I ran into him on the way home from Lollapalooza one year, where I had played the same stage he did earlier in the day and had a total fan girl moment. You can hear a lot of his influence on me in a song like “Sour Times” that’s a little more spacey and trippier than my other songs."

10: And other influences you have mentioned include Lana. What do you love about her work? How are these artists’ influences infused into Life Support? 

MB: "Like I said earlier, her style of song writing is incredible. Her lyrics are so vivid and totally transport you to the story she’s telling. Her aesthetics have always been on point too - I love how when you see her visuals, they’re instantly recognisable as Lana imagery. I also really love how she’s drawn from traditional Americana aesthetics and made them her own, she’s just an icon."

10: You’ve mentioned you’ve begun working on new music too... Has the state of the world in the last year affected what you’re writing about? 

MB: "I think spending a lot of time at home has really connected me more so to my emotions and allowed me to think about where I want the next record to take me as an artist. We’ve already written a few tracks for my second album which has me really excited for what’s to come."

10: What is a cause you are passionate about? 

MB: "I’m really passionate about mental health. Like many people, it’s something I’ve struggled with for most of my life. It’s really important for me personally to talk openly about mental health with my fans – someone else out there is bound to be going through something similar to you and can feel so validated by someone else sharing their experiences. I’m looking forward to the day where it isn’t looked at as a taboo subject."

10: What is something you wish more people thought about? 

MB: "Everyone is going through something. You never know how something you say to someone will affect them, especially on social media. I think we all need to be more mindful of how we treat each other."

10: Congratulations on the album! 

MB: "Thank you so much! The love on this album has really meant the world to me. I’m just glad it’s out and everyone can finally hear what I’ve been up to."

Listen to Life Support here.