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The time has come. Australian artist CXLOE has released her highly anticipated debut album Shiny New Thing, and it’s one of the best albums we’ve heard this year. Solidifying her status as Australia’s hottest pop export, CXLOE shimmers and gleams on each track, with her honest songwriting and dynamic voice, over electro dark-pop production.

Over the course of the project, CXLOE explores her identity and transforming into different version of herself to survive. “The decision to create an album gave me the opportunity and time to experiment with diverse sounds, allowing me to reconcile all these different sides and realise that there is beauty in pop music's obsession with reinvention,” she says. “This album embraces the fact that artists can be multifaceted without compromising their authenticity in pursuit of becoming the next 'shiny new thing’." On Shiny New Thing, CXLOE expertly toes the line between familiar classic pop hooks and production, blended with an evolved, futuristic freshness. We spoke to the artist about …

We love how this album starts with Half of Me. It's so layered and hypnotic.

I wanted to make the album an immersive experience. There hav been so many singles that have bene put out so I wanted to make the album feel like one whole in a way, and it felt like Half of Me was the best song to introduce it. I want to bring you into this world.

It feels like a new era. A little more upbeat, and you sound so bold and confident. How do you feel releasing this album?

I feel scared because people have been saying how they’ve been waiting for so long. I’m grateful there’s demand for the album but I hope people think it was worth the wait. I’m trying not to be too serious about it but I definitely hope it’s worth it.

You can definitely hear the evolution from your earlier work.  

I’m very grateful because the collaborators I got to work with. I feel like I was a bit out of my depth in that sense because a lot of the producers were on my dream list of people I’ve wanted to work with. So I have them to thank for that.

Who did you work with?

I worked with Stint who I’ve wanted to work with for so long. I have a screenshot from 2019 of me sending it to my management saying this is my dream producer, this is who I want to work with. I was able to work with him last year which was insane. Another producer by the name of Jussi who was a dream collaboration. I have all those people to thank for what it is.

Did you create it in LA?

Yes, 99% of the music I’ve put out has been made here. That’s why I moved here. I think pop music really shines here and I feel like my people are here. Songwriting doesn’t feel hard here.

Do you think that growing up in Australia has influenced your sound at all?

Oh yeah! I think my entire project I have to thank for coming out of Australia. Firstly the fact that Australia has championed me to the hilt - I am so grateful. Sonically and also just my outlook and perspective on what I do, it has definitely shaped me. How lucky am I to be doing what I’m doing, to have grown up with the access to do these things. I come to LA and realise how lucky I am to have come from where I come from. And speaking with a lot of my collaborators who have left home and don’t feel like they can go back… The way I look at music and life - you know, if this doesn’t work out I still have a beautiful, safe environment to go back to which gives me the peace to collaborate and experiment in ways I don’t know if everyone feels the can. For right now it’s definitely helped me put this project together for sure.

Speaking of the project, we love the song Shapeshifter. Tell me about that song to begin?

It was based on morphing and shifting into what you need to be in that moment. Everyone really loved it when I played it on the Griff tour [around Europe] to it’s cool to see people interacting with it in cities that usually wouldn’t.

How was that tour?

It was truly incredible. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done and it was the best thing I’ve ever done. It was over the course of three weeks and we drove everywhere. It was intense.

You’re an independent artist, which means you have a lot of responsibility with your projects and touring etc. What have you learnt from being independent?

That it’s not that serious. Yes, it's my livelihood, but I’m trying to like retrain my brain to be focus on my health, and the fact that I have a loving partner. I have a dog, I have a great family. I am so lucky in that sense. I’m doing what you love. I think you have to have complete belief in yourself and try not to doubt yourself. At the end of the day, the feeling you get from recording music and putting it out, if that feels right then that’s what you’re meant to be doing. You have to love it. I love being in the studio, when you’re on a roll and just think wow this is the best feeling ever.

We love the visuals you’ve created for this era. You’re on another level with them, too. Did you have a specific visual identity going into this album?

It came while I was writing. I knew what I wanted it to look like and the person I collaborated with on a lot of the looks was great - her name is Whitney Otte and she helped bring it all together. We did a lot of visualisers as opposed to music videos. The vibe was grainy and dark and chaotic. She was very instrumental in helping me build the world of this album.

Who have you been listening to recently? What’s exciting you?

Caroline Polachek, Chappell Roan - oh my lord, Chappell Roan is so good, incredible. Just the whole thing, the look the songwriting. And the Bleachers.

What is inspiring you at the moment, aside from anything music related?

Dogs. I think that's something I'm very passionate about. I realised on tour that I need a support dog with me because my dopamine anytime I saw a dog, I was like, through the roof. It fills my cup. My dog is a rescue and he changed my life and I’ve learned so much so I’m very passionate about that.

What’s your plan after the album is released into the world?

I think I’m going to put my absolute back into promoting it but I would love to come off socials for a bit and get re-inspired.

Listen to Shiny New Thing HERE.