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Claud is back and channelling their anxiety into an uptempo, nostalgic single that has us dancing and crying - in that order. "Go Home! is about falling into that hole of feeling awkward and uncomfortable in your own skin that all you crave is going home and sliding into whatever is familiar," they say. We spoke to Claud about the new track and touring with Phoebe Bridgers.

We love the record! What inspired it?

"It’s inspired by social anxiety and being a homebody."

Where did you create it? Who did you work with?

"I made it in New York with a producer duo called Zach and Roger. We worked on most of Super Monster together too. The lyrics are super melancholic in-my-feels, but I wanted to make fun of myself and put a playful spin on the song."

You were the first artist to sign to Saddest Factory. What have you learnt from Phoebe?

"Just from being a long time observer of Phoebes career, both from afar and close up, I'm learning the balance of taking yourself seriously as an artist but also being self-aware enough to just make fun of yourself."

You’re currently on tour. What’s been then best part about it?

"Well, I'm about to play my last show for a couple months, which is wild because i’ve basically been on tour with very limited breaks since September. I’m so emotionally attached to my songs now. Writing them is a special and intimate experience, but the more I play them live the closer to them I feel, which is weird because of how much I’m simultaneously changing as a person."

They're part of your evolution! What’s next? Is this a single for a new album…


Listen to Go Home! here.