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Camille Rowe, queen of fusing Cali-cool and French-girl style, has designed her ultimate wardrobe. Finally! In a collaboration with RVCA, Camille has created a collection right for coastal California, skaters and surfers on standby and all those '70s vibes flowing fabulously. We got the lowdown from Camille on the behind-the-scenes of the collection:

You so seamlessly mix French-girl and California-cool style. What is the trick to combining these styles so fluidly?

"Invest in things that you will wear forever!"

Do you have a favourite piece from the collection?

"I love the cord pieces. The Paradis coat is the epitome of quintessential Parisian style meets California cool, designed to work into your wardrobe year-round. The coordinating “Livin” corduroy trousers are a dream with their high-waist, fitted leg, and  70’s flare. Completing the cord set are my namesake shorts inspired by 70’s roller girls.  They have a lace-up fly detailing that I love!'

What was on the Camille Rowe x RVCA mood board?

"I was so inspired that I sent about two million pictures for the mood board. There were, of course, many photographs of Brigitte Bardot in Saint Tropez. The legends Jane Birkin and Michelle Phillips of the Mamas and the Papas were also on the board. I found inspiration in places such as Laurel Canyon, the sixties and seventies music mecca. My namesake short was actually a reference to these amazing shots of roller girls in the 70s from Cali and Miami that I found."

Who are your ultimate style icons/muses? Did you channel them in this collection?

"My ultimate style muse would have to be Faye Dunaway, both in The Thomas Crown Affair as well as in Bonnie and Clyde; she was costumed in both films by the legendary Theadora Van Runkle."

What’s the soundtrack or playlist for this collection?

"Relics, Pink Floyd’s 1971 album."

Who would you love to see wearing this collection? Dead or alive!

"David Bowie in the green striped suiting look."

What is your best style tip?

"Elevating jeans and a vintage tee with a statement jacket is an easy win. I love the Bel Shirt Jacket from the collection… it has blouson sleeves and is done in a comfy corduroy."

What is something you’re super passionate about - aside from fashion?

"I’m really involved with GO Campaign as I am passionate about fighting poverty and Improving the lives of children through working with grassroots organisations."

How do you hope people feel wearing RVCA x Camille Rowe?

"I hope people feel confident, humorous, and fun!"