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Canadian artist LØLØ has released her highly anticipated debut pop rock album Falling For Robots & Wishing I Was One. On the project, LØLØ delves deep into her existence, effortlessly singing relatable lyrics over guitar-driven production. We spoke to the rising artist about creating the unskippable body of work:

We love the album! Congratulations. Tell us what your intention was with this album?

THANK U! I just wanted to create a body of work that tells a story about growing up and the different challenges that come with that. A full length album has been a long time coming for me, so it was great to have more time/songs to tell a more in-depth story, conceptually. 

We love how the album begins. Tell us about making the intro - why did you want to start the album in this way?

As a fan, I’ve always thought it was really cool to have an album intro. I feel like that’s such a special part of the story. I wanted the whole album to feel cinematic, right down to the album artwork which is inspired by The Wizard Of Oz. I always loved the intro in 21st Century Breakdown, and I tried to emulate that. Plus I just thought it would be really cool if it went RIGHT into the first song on the album.

Speaking of starts, what was the catalyst for creating this album? Do you remember when you consciously began to write it?

I remember after I wrote “u & the tin man” I was like ok…this is special. This is the start of something bigger. At the time, I was writing a lot of upbeat songs and I'd only put out a ballad at the end of each EP. I didn’t want to just throw this song away, though. I wanted it to be a single because I really felt like it was one of the best songs I've ever written. So I kind of kept it in my back pocket because I knew I wanted it to be a part of something bigger. Two years later I wrote “wish i was a robot” and then I remember thinking to myself “that’s funny, in ‘u & the tin man,’ I’m totally shitting on this robot, but then in this song, I’m wishing I was one”. And that’s when I knew it would be a really cool concept to look at both sides of that coin. Of hating people who are like that, but at the same time, wishing I could be a little bit more like that myself.  

What environment were you in to write the project?

Most of the album was written on my bed in LA, but some songs were written in writing sessions in Nashville. 

Who did you work with that helped to shape the sound of LØLØ?

Shout out to Mike Robinson who really helped shape the entire sound of the album. He produced all the tracks on the album, besides “suck it up”. A lot of the times I’d bring him in songs on just a guitar and then he’d turn it into what you hear today, and I think that’s really fucking cool. 

What did you discover about yourself through making this album?

I feel like I grew up a lot while writing this album. (And I kinda actually did, since I wrote it over 3 years) I discovered I have a kink for assholes and also that I’m really not a perfect person either.

What do you hope people take from listening to it?

I hope they take away the fact that none of us are perfect, that we’re all going through the same shared experiences and it’s ok to not feel ok. It’s all a part of being human. I hope they scream the song lyrics that they need to scream, or cry to, or dance to in order to heal or just to have fun. 

You’re going on some amazing tours this year. What can we expect from your live show?

I’m very stoked! Even more to come that I haven’t announced yet… I feel like my live shows are very fun and also therapeutic. Feel free to cancel your therapy session and buy tickets to my show instead. 

What’s on your playlist at the moment? Is anything inspiring you currently?

I’ve been on a hugeeeee boygenius kick lately, which REALLY inspired my album. And recently getting into Chappell Roan. The new Olivia album, and also the new Sabrina songs are my current car playlist. 

What’s next?

HEADLINE TOUR. It’s coming, I promise. Also, I guess I need to write an entire new album eventually ?!?!

Listen to the album HERE.