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We have deep faith in the hybrid art and music project from the minds of 10 Magazine Contributor Byron Spencer and Daniel Stricker. DeepFaith have returned to our galaxy with the release of the new, surreal single DADDY. We spoke to the band about the new song, that makes us feel like we're flying through the universe, and what's to come:

We love the new single. Tell us about creating this. Where did you make it? What were you feeling?

I was sitting playing a toy keyboard looking at the ocean thinking about the waves hitting the rocks over and over and about king trident riding a white horse and about love. I played a drum beat on the keyboard with a Christmas sleigh bell thing and thought nothing of the song. One day I played it to Chris Colonna (bumblebeez) and he loved it so we got Byron in to do a vocal -> Jedda my partner got him to get all personal and all of a sudden DADDY was born. We then got Kirin j Callinan and Tim Ayre to shred on it.

The video is brilliant. What was inspiring the visuals? How did you bring the DADDY world to life?

There are lots of motifs and themes that are in the video, and some  that hint at more of what’s to come in the deep faith episodes. It is a hyper reel of mutating visuals rooted from a confessional booth from a boy yearning to the father figure.

This feels like a new era for DeepFaith. How do you think you have evolved as a duo and sonically?

There are many era’s to come, evolvement will unfold too. We should make more sense to you all once we release all we have :)

Who would be the ultimate DeepFaith collaboration? Directors, artists, musicians etc…

Baz Luhrmannm/Andrew Lloyd Webber :)

You’re about to tour around North America with Genesis Owusu. What is a DeepFaith show like? What can we expect?

It’s sparkly…..Chaotic….Classical….with some rap and mocap.

10 words to describe the DeepFaith universe?

Holographic, high dramatic, emotional, tvrbo, pop-erratic, faithful, harmonic, communion, hopeful :)

Who has been on your playlist recently? Who are you excited about in music?

We have just finished listening to the Chicago soundtrack and The Rocky Horror Picture show soundtrack

Best setting to experience DADDY for the first time?


What’s next? Is there an album coming… :) give us hints!


Listen to DADDY here.