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It all began with Sofia Coppola, a fan of the Bader face cream and lip balm, deciding that she’d like a tinted version of the latter and asking the brand if they’d be open to the idea of her directing such a project. There was no playing hard to get, no sliding doors moments, just a straightforward and instant love match for the idea.  Or as Charles Rosier, CEO and co-founder of Augustinus Bader puts it slightly more matter-of-factly: ‘Professor Bader was delighted to receive Sofia’s request to create a lip tint based on the AB balm she loved.’

Sofia had long been won over by the balm: ‘it feels rich and hydrating, not too shiny, and the packaging is chic and nice to pull out of your bag,’ she enthuses. And it is indeed a good one, packed as it is with a hydrating blend of plant-based butters and oils, including Shea butter, Vitamin E and Candelilla wax, as well as the signature Bader TFC8® technology of course. Plus, Sofia continues, ‘I’ve always loved make-up, I love the packaging and the colours, I like to spend time in the make-up trailers on film sets, it’s fun and creative and a good stress release!’

But she does love a tinted version – ‘I always keep one on me for an easy pick me up’ – and says that she is ‘always searching for the perfect one that you can put on like a chapstick and gives a hint of colour, that’s easy and gives a little lift and doesn’t look makeup-y,’ So when it came to the project what inspired the three shades that she decided on?  ‘The dark pink is from a favourite lipstick I used to get at a drugstore in Paris and that I hoarded after it was discontinued and that’s easy and adds a brightening, subtle tint. The red coral is based on a colour I like when at the beach or in summer…and the darker burnt, earthy plum looks like deeper tint of your lips,’ she explains, before adding: ‘I hope you enjoy, wherever you might take them along with you!’

As for any favourite beauty rituals she says: ‘I love getting facials, face massages, and having that time in the evening to do your skincare is a nice way to transition from the work day to the evening at home.’ And her favourite makeup tips come from makeup artist Dick Page: ‘less is more, don’t try to cover too much or it can give you a flat face, and how a little red lipstick on your cheeks and bridge of nose can brighten up your face.’

There’s no need to pull a Sofia and stockpile your favourite as these are no limited edition but a part of the main range – and available from today. So now we can all live happily lip balmed ever after…

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