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We might be missing out on that good ol’ summer-stimulated vitamin-D, but Chanel is bringing a well-wanted sun-kissed look to us with the latte look. Deemed “latte makeup” after the hashtag “#lattemakeup” garnered nearly 226 million views on TikTok, the technique involves layering shades of brown – think of a cup of joe swirled with warm bronzed caramel tones – to achieve delectably dewey skin and a radiant, bronzed look.

Chanel is the latest luxury label to tap into the look, curating a suggested assortment of its products for your purchasing pleasure that’ll help you to cinch the coveted glow. “Latte makeup is an effortless summer look that’s easy to create. To achieve a beautiful dewy skin, it works best if you concentrate on skin care and keeping the foundation light,” explains Chanel make-up artist Anna Payne. “Latte makeup is suitable for all skin tones but if you have a darker skin remember to use a darker shade. Latte makeup focuses on bronzers with yellow and olive undertones avoiding orange tones.”

Payne suggests starting with Chanel’s Les Beiges Water-Fresh Tint to hydrate and even the skin before going in with the light layering. After, add in Chanel’s Les Beiges Bronzing Cream which can be used on the face and eyelids for a touch of golden hour goodness. For 50 shades of beige – well five, actually – the Les Beiges Eyeshadow Palette can be used as a gentle base, a glimmering highlighter or an excellent eyeshadow, in the same versatile vein as the Bronzing Cream. The Stylo Yeux Eyeliner (20 – Espresso) traces intense eyes, and with its waterproof formulation will stay razor sharp throughout summer swims, sweats and sebum. The Le Volume De Chanel Waterproof mascara will hold through the humidity too. Pair the Joues Contraste Powder Blush (370 – Élégance) with the Rouge Coco Baume (914 – Natural Charm) and Les Beiges Highlighting Fluid in Sunkissed, and, in between sinking your toes in the sand and getting boozy by the tiki bar, you’ll be the sweetest, sun-kissed beach babe on the boardwalk.

There’s more to latte makeup than henna-hued skin though, Chanel has got a bit of long-lasting nail varnish for you to polish off the look from head to toe, face to fingers. Chanel’s Le Vernis (103 – Légende/ 105 – Particulière/ 113 – Faussaire) nail colour arrives in three cloudy, warm and shiny shades that perfectly embody the latte look – how lush!