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On the first day of winter, we journeyed to Tamarama beach at 7am. Character building. It’s Australian Fashion Week, duh. “This is where I spend my mornings swimming and witnessing the sunrise,” said Richard Jarman of Commas. I wanted others to experience the restorative energy the sunrise brings.” And we did. Walking by the waters edge, the models drifted in all new Commas: flowing hand-painted silks dresses, softly tailored shirts and recycled swim briefs. Sustainable swimming. Known for their ‘menswear’ that has always been very much unisex, this was the first time Commas presented dedicated women’s pieces. There were flashes of sea green and sunset pink a nod to our subtle coastline sunrise among the sandy neutral colours, inspired by 20th century painter Milton Avery. “The real inspiration for this collection is the energy of the sun and the significance of new days.” It was a new dawn, a new day, a new Commas collection, and yes, we were all feeling good.