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Press play, Camilla and Marc’s Resort 2022 collection has arrived and we’re ready to dance in it with total ease, all day, all night, all summer long. Inspired by the contemporary dance performance ‘Play’ by Alexander Ekman, the collection is a celebration of optimism, honesty and growth. "I first heard about the performance when I was in Paris in 2017 however, I wasn’t able to see it in person” Camilla Freeman-Topper tells us. “I thought about it from time to time over the years following and finally I was able to get my hands on a DVD recording. We hired the private screening room at the Dendy in Newton and took the entire design team there to watch it together. Everyone was very moved by the performance… [It] took me through a myriad of emotions, I think that is the main strength of the show - imagination is given free reign and emotions are displayed through dancers' bodies and how they interact with the set. At one point, dancers dive into a field of coloured balls displaying complete childlike playfulness, it is so joyful and immersive. The music accompanying it also made the whole piece uniquely special, Alexander Ekman worked with composer Mikael Karlsson to create a magical synergy between choreography and music. There is a talented team of instrumentalists behind the sound yet there are also many moments throughout the performance where there is no music. All you hear is the pitter patter of the ballet dancers' feet rhythmically dancing on the stage. That sound is sublime to me; it creates so much drama and suspense.”

The campaign features Paulina Porizkova, the 56 year old mother, actor and author, chosen by Camilla and Marc for her realness, as they continue to push for women to feel represented at all ages and fight the anti-ageing narrative. “Paulina exemplifies the qualities I see in the CAMILLA AND MARC woman - authenticity, strength, and optimism,” Camilla tells us. “She has this raw beauty, and an ability to share her journey with complete freedom.” We do like to live in complete freedom. Play on.

Photographs by Drew Jarrett.