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Bassike went under the sea for Resort 2023. Taking the new collection to Hamilton Island, the brand presented a film to showcase the new collection, inspired by the Great Barrier Reef and its intricate ecosystems. Continuing their sustainable mission, 79% of the collection has been created using sustainable materials, including organic and responsibly sourced yarns. We spoke to Deborah Sams, bassike co-founder and creative director about the collection and the brilliance of the reef:

We’re so excited to see the film. Why did you decide this would be the best format to show this new collection?

"We’re hoped to transport guests to showcase the amazing and awe-inspiring beauty of the reef, whilst also highlighting the danger the coral reef is experiencing brought on by the rising temperatures globally."

What is it about the Reef that inspired you this season?

"I'm constantly inspired by the beauty in nature and our environment. The bold and contrasting colours, textures and shapes throughout the collection, were inspired by the way that our environment naturally generates colour and colour palettes, and the diversity of the species that make up the reef and the way they interact."

What were you dreaming of while you were creating this collection?

"The Resort 23 collection was borne through my fascination with life underwater, in particular the complexity and vibrancy of our coral reef ecosystem. I am always thinking about how the garment looks and feels, and how it makes people feel when they wear it – the importance of using the most beautiful fabrications with a focus on fit, proportion and quality construction cannot be understated. As a designer my role is to communicate my vision through individual garments so customers can interpret it and wear it in their own personal way – layered and colour blocked or pared back and simple."

Tell us about the sonic elements of the film.

"The sound used was chosen for the upbeat tempo, pace and edge it adds to the more scenic visuals in the film."

You are consistently championing sustainability and have hit major milestones in the last year. What is the next goal?

"Our responsible business mission is embedded at the heart of the brand, so producing our collections sustainably is always front of mind during our design process. We always strive to continue to grow as a business and lead by example within the sustainability space, aiming to inspire our customers and industry to do the best we can for the future of our planet."

Last year you encouraged us to take a moment of pause. What do you hope we will take away from your presentation this year?

"Our aim is to embody the beauty of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, which should be treasured and protected. The collection is playful and fun in the spirit of the summer season. We hope our Resort 23 presentation will inspire positivity and a vibrant energy, whilst also encouraging people to make more considered choices to support the future of our planet."

Watch the film below.