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Elegance, history and timeless beauty come together in a harmonious dance for Chanel’s end of year watches and fine jewellery campaign. Set against the stunning backdrop of the Château de Chenonceau – often referred to as the “Ladies’ Château” due to its remarkable history of being shaped and influenced by several extraordinary women – Yoon Young Bae, Kim Schell and Adesuwa Aighewi are whisked away from confines of their bedroom and carried out – still in the comfort of their own, mesmerising Chanel gold bed – to the enchanting castle with its grateful arches stretching out over the Cher River. As they gracefully floats throughout the historic hallways of the Château, they leave a trail of Christmas wonder, decadent bijouterie and terrific timepieces in their wake.

Titled A Magical Morning with Chanel, the model’s discover their dream Chanel gifts – a selection of Coco Crush, Camélia and N°5 Fine Jewellery pieces, as well as J12 and Première watches – along the way, while the Château’s history becomes interwoven with Chanel’s modern jewellery and watch designs. Give wonder, give Chanel.