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Nicky Zimmermann was reminiscing on the 80's this season. For Resort 2025, the designer infused her usual silhouettes with leopard print, engineered laceprints and soft florals. “I was thinking about the influence that 80’s coming-of-age movies and actors of the era had on my friends and I back when I was at design school in Sydney," she said. "Movies like St Elmo’s Fire, The Breakfast Club and Pretty In Pink. So many of our style cues were taken from Winona Ryder, Lisa Bonet or Molly Ringwald. We would rummage through vintage stores and create looks that mixed and matched the old with the new, menswear and womenswear - that was our entertainment on the weekends before we went out." We spoke to the designer about creating the new collection, titled CRUSH:

We love the name of the collection, CRUSH. What prompted this word?

The collection was inspired by some of those great coming-of-age films I was watching when I was at design school in the 80’s – all the characters stepping into their own and pining over each other at the same time. It was just playful and fun and that’s exactly what the collection is about – the word seemed to perfectly encapsulate it.

You were thinking of 80’s movies… was there a specific one that came on as you were beginning to design the collection that was the catalyst for this train of thought?

There are so many iconic movies from that era, you think of one and can’t help but be reminded of another… St. Elmo’s Fire, Sixteen Candles, Pretty In Pink. The actors in the films were such a big inspiration to us at the time – style icons. My friends and I would spend our Saturday’s sourcing vintage pieces to workshop into outfits that we would wear out on a Saturday night. Just the memory of the time was a fun one for me and ended up inspiring the collection. Resort is always a fun season for me and that’s the approach we took this season.

Tell us about the design process this time… are you still creating in the same tried and true ways or was something different this time? Where were you whilst you magicked up CRUSH?

Our process is always very similar in that it starts with an inspiration which we explore until we start working into key prints and silhouettes. My team and I worked to take styling cues from the era of these films and those great actors but then made them really modern and fresh. The 80’s is obviously a bit polarising era stylistically so it was more about how we could take elements but make them feel right for now. There’s lots of little details in our prints and embroideries – diary extracts, cassette tapes, records and lipstick.

What is innovative about this new Zimmermann collection - how has the brand evolved this season?

I think there’s a really clear relationship between the feminine and masculine silhouettes in the line-up. Our more detail-oriented technical gowns took on the form of prom-inspired dresses which were married up with denim, suiting and leather, which are categories we have a very keen focus on evolving at the moment. I love the shoes this season – particularly the tuxedo mules.

Do you have a favourite look? Who would you love to see wearing it?

I love Look 4 – a billowy embroidered white shirt paired with dark denim jeans. Being able to pair something super intricate and just joyous, with a classic piece that you wear every-day is my ideal.

You note Winona, Lisa, Molly etc… who do you think are the equivalent of those style icons today?

The thing they all had in common is the way they exuded this nonchalant confidence but they all had their really own unique style. I wouldn’t want to try to identify women today that were similar – there’s so many amazing women around with their own attitude and approach to dressing – it was just a different time then that I couldn’t compare.

We know you love music! Favourite songs from the 80s?

“Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Tears for Fears, “Just Can’t Get Enough” by Depeche Mode and “Don’t You” by Simple Minds.

Zimmermann has significantly expanded and is taking over the world in the last few years. When you look back at the journey to now, what are you most proud of? What have you learnt about yourself through it all?

I’m still learning new things every day and I’m working with my team to keep pushing ourselves creatively and to get better. I’m proud that I’m still able to do what I’ve always loved – it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do to be honest.

As it’s Resort, where is the dream destination for the Zimmermann lover wearing this collection?

Anywhere you can find your next crush!