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Ashwarya is our new favourite pop girl on the block. The Melbourne-based singer's new EP 'Nocturnal Hours' has become the recent soundtrack of Ten Towers, from the haunting single Love Again to the high-impact Comin@Me. We spoke to Ashwarya about the process behind the EP and her influences:

We have Love Again on repeat. What’s this song about for you? When did you write it?

"I wrote it around a year and a half ago. In the song I find myself reflecting on the end of a bittersweet relationship, doubting I will ever be able to give myself to someone so irrevocably, as I did in the past. Deciding to walk away from someone you love is never easy, and I hope everyone can connect to this song like I do. I actually quite enjoyed being able to be so vulnerable on this track. I think I only did like 1 or 2 vocal takes because we didn't want to lose that raw energy present in the song.

You were born in India - how do your roots influence your sound? How has living in Melbourne inspired you?

"After moving to Australia, my parents went back to India and later gave birth to me and then I came to Australia when I was around 6 months old but I was really lucky to have my grandparents come and visit and vice versa. It's given me the opportunity to dive into bollywood and have that exposure to different sounds growing up. Growing up in Melbourne has more often made me feel like it is a place where cultures are allowed to collide and has helped me not feel misplaced in trying to find a particular cultural identity but more so embrace my own Indian culture, Australian upbringing and a vast variety of other cultures too. I think it's a combination of all of these experiences during my upbringing that played a subconscious role in my writing process rather than intentional."

What’s your process? Do you write a lot of ideas down before going into the studio or do you wait to hear a beat?

"It really depends on how I’m feeling. Sometimes I like to go in and improvise on a beat or melody whereas other times I bring things in and shape it. That's the best part of doing sessions with people you click with because regardless of the process you almost always come out feeling like you achieved something because they get you and vice versa. You just gotta keep bouncing off one another, give the time to find the right moment and it'll all come to fruition."

Who are some of your favourite artists/inspiration?

"Rihanna, Kanye, Queen, Frank Ocean, Adele... too many to name but they're all on my Spotify playlist!"

Who would you love to collaborate with?

"It would be sick to collaborate with Labrinth. I think he's a genius."

How did the collaboration with Vic Mensa come to fruition? What was it like working with him?

"The way it all happened was kinda epic. We sent him the track and he obviously loved it. I told him about what the song meant to me and needless to say he killed it with his own powerfully driven lyric and sound. The song wouldn't be the same without him!"

We love your style. Whose style do you love? Are there any designers or brands you love?

"I think I just dress depending on what feels good on the day. I use fashion sometimes to express myself or sometimes hide my emotions. It's a pretty powerful tool to make a statement. My sense of fashion is probably more street/renegade and I'm naturally attracted to bold textures, colours and shapes matched with something more simple. I love Elle Banes’ style and Rihanna’s style too. Adidas has always been a staple in my wardrobe and I really like the collabs they've done over the years with different designers. Hoping one day I could do the same...Adidas in case you're reading this ;)."

Where is the ultimate place/venue you’d love to perform Nocturnal Hours?


What’s on the Ashwarya bucket list?

"First and foremost to be able to do live shows around Australia and internationally."