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For those who have been lucky enough to galavant to a festival on a Euro trip already, there’s a high chance they've experienced the high-octane stylings of Haai, one of the finest DJs and producers to emerge from the capital in recent years. Cutting her teeth as a resident at Brixton’s Phonox, Sydney-born Teneil Throssell has emerged as a staple amongst the UK’s festival and clubbing circuit, quickly advancing to play revered stages globally: be it Block9 at Glasto or the Tate Modern in London, where she performed at a Prada rave amongst a stellar line-up curated by Richie Hawtin.

Amidst an already choc-a-bloc touring schedule, Haai managed to squeeze in a 13-track debut album earlier this year, too. Titled Baby, We’re Ascending, the record was released in May to critical acclaim. Bulldozing euphoric floor-fillers and teeth-chattering techno with moments of atmospheric bliss, the album was described by Pitchfork as Haai’s “most ambitious attempt yet to spin the energy of the rave into something bigger” – with features from Jon Hopkins and former 10 cover star, Kai-Isaiah Jamal.

Here, we catch her for a rapid fire round of 10 questions:

Where did the moniker HAAI come from?

“I used to play in psych/shoegaze bands, before I fell into the dark side. One of my all time fave bands is an Indonesian psych band from the 1970’s called ‘The Panbers’. My fave track of theirs is called HAAI… and here we are.”

What were you listening to in the studio when you were recording your debut album?

“I don’t listen to any other music while I’m writing. Unless I’m prepping tunes to DJ. But I really try to avoid any other kind of influence.”

You’ve played on some incredible big stages from the iconic Genosys stage at Block 9 at Glastonbury and more, but where would you have to play to die feeling fulfilled?

“I actually really want to do a live set at the Icon stage in Block9. That’s the one for me.”

What was the last thing that made you scream?

“Seeing mine and Jon Hopkin’s silly heads on a massive billboard in London.”

What has been your favourite moment from recording the album?

“I think it was running what I’d made through different machines at the Mute studio . I love sound manipulation so much and doing it with hardware is just a different energy.”

If you could never make music again what would you do instead?

“Be very sad. But also probably run an animal rescue farm. That’s the dream.”

Describe your sound in three words.

“Chaotic, Euphoric, Hyperactive.”

What was the wildest show you’ve ever played?

“Unfold in London. I got to play hard and very fast. I was playing on the ground in the round, surrounded by my queer brothers and sisters. That’s my perfect place.”

What’s one lyric that makes you smile?

“Let’s go girls” ~ Shania Twain”

What’s one dream you’ve had that’s stuck with you?

“When I was a kid I had this dream where I was travelling all round the world and it was so vivid. I was so sad when I woke up and had to go to stupid school. But it kinda worked out in the end <3.”

Haai’s ‘Baby, We’re Ascending’ is available on all major platforms now.