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Surrounded by a rainforest and inside the Rainbow Valley Studios, Perth four-piece Great Gable have been working hard on their sophomore album. Produced by Matt Corby and Alex Henriksson, On The Wall In The Morning Light is rich with big blue sky-esque indie melodies and dreamy guitar-driven chorus's. It feels good to be a Great Gable fan. We spoke to the band about recording at Corby's studio, and the Bunbury band's evolution:

Congratulations on a great album. The phrase “what a day, what a time, what a life” appears in your album bio - which we love. What inspired this album?

"Thank you!! I think we wanted to put an album together that didn’t really have one overall theme but instead each song has its own feel. The line “what a day, what a time, what a life” is a cool little phrase that came out of no where whilst we were recording but it seems to touch a raw nerve with people in a cool way."

You worked on the album at Matt Corby’s Rainbow Valley Studios. How did you feel creating in that environment?

"We felt more than at home creating the album at Rainbow Valley. The studio itself has all the gear you’d ever need for recording an album. On top of that, once you step out the door you are surrounded by dense rainforest which was perfect for when one of us needed to take a break between takes. Corby has a killer set up!"

What did you learn from Matt and fellow collaborator Alex Henriksson?

"Many things: how to play Corn Hole, anything to do with Arnotts biscuits, and musically we enjoyed workshopping the tunes on the acoustic guitar in the morning before getting stuck into recording. They had a lot of fresh ideas for arrangements that we can take with us onto the next album."

How do you think the band has evolved since your debut album?

"I think the band has evolved quite a lot in so many different areas of the song writing process. We all have a solid understanding of the different instruments we play and how they work together. Even piecing together songs for demos, we can finish songs off before we take them into the studio."

Why ‘On The Wall in the Morning Light’?

"On the wall in the morning light is a lyric from Our Love, it really stood out to us as a nice phrase that creates a vivid image for the listener. It’s  like a reflective lyric, it’s all the things you love." 

How do you think living in Australia has influenced your sound?

"There’s so much cool music coming out of Australia that you can’t help but be influenced to some level from it. Being surrounded by all the great bands and artists from Australian radio through to live gigs, there’s always something new. It’s such a close community as well, you tend to be amongst it no matter what."

Who inspires you musically?

"My band mates inspire me the most, our producers Matt Corby and Alex Henriksson bring out the best in us also. Then there’s all our favourite bands and artists, too many to name but some favourites are Arctic Monkeys, The Beatles, The Strokes."

Who would you love to collaborate with?

"Anderson .Paak, QuestLove, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and The Killers."

What do you hope listeners take from this album?

"We really hope people find enjoyment out of the album and that it can be listened to for a long time to come." 

What’s next? 

"What’s next on the cards for GG is launching our album! Then we’re taking some time off from touring to do some writing before hitting the road again for our album tour in October."

Listen to On The Wall In The Morning Light here.