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De'Wayne is the new coolest artist entering our universe right now. The musician from Houston, Texas has debuted his new adrenaline-inducing single GOOD MOOD today, infused with his early 2000s pop punk meets '70s punk rock sound. The song, which features De'Wayne's longtime friend Grandson, continues De'Wayne's reign at the top of the emo-alt-punk revival. It's about time for such a revival. We spoke to the artist to know right now about his mission and his style:

We love Good Mood, we feel powerful listening to it! Tell us about when you created it and how you were feeling?

"It was a very late, beautiful night at my boy No love studio. We started playing these drums that felt like a Ramones song and the inspiration came from that. Grandson and I just went back and forth on the mic and popped off."

Tell us about working with grandson and who else you both worked with on it?

"It was a long time coming to get in the studio with Grandson, we’ve been friends for the longest so it felt like really good timing. No Love for the middle child produced it. He went crazy as well."

Give us the De'Wayne lowdown. Where are you from? What’s your mission?

"I’m from Spring, Tx. I just want to be the goat to be very honest."

Love that. Who inspires you sonically?

"The Ramones, The Buzzcocks, Green Day. The Strokes."

Who would you love to collaborate with? Artists, producers, directors etc.

"Matty Healy and Billie Joe Armstrong. I feel like I could die peacefully if either one happens."

Matty and De'Wayne would be amazing. We LOVE your style. Who are some of your favourite designers? Who would you love to dress you for a tour?

"Thank you so much for that! I really don’t see myself as having the best sense of style i just really dig walking outside and feeling sexy. To just have bags of RAF Simons would be outstanding. Throw some Levi’s in there too."

How do you hope people feel listening to De’Wayne?

"I hope I give them hope and make them feel good. I want them to feel Hot too."

Do you have a mentor? Is there someone you have worked with or met that has had an impact on what you do and how you create?

"My partner honestly gives me the most inspiration. My homie Hiser is also a huge inspiration for me."

What are you passionate about right now aside from music?

"Pretty passionate about love right now! Cuddles are everything bro."

What’s next? Can we expect an album soon? :)

"Maybe an album but the next song I'm putting out is gonna make people lose their minds! Got some legends on it!!"

Listen to GOOD MOOD here.