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We do love a work in progress and the newly announced Cartier flagship store at 388 George Street is now officially underway with a soaring site specific wraparound digital 3D artwork by Paul Milinski. We caught up with the Melbourne artist whose work is quietly offering some country escapism in the heart of Sydney’s CBD:

What inspired you to create this artwork?

“The Australian Dreamscapes are a collection of artworks entirely dedicated to and inspired by the beauty and diverse nature of the Australian environment. Our natural environments all have vastly unique visual characteristics that contrast each other greatly. Given the brief was to provide four pieces of art that evolve over the duration of the project, this was a perfect opportunity to split the artworks into four settings. The idea that I could draw attention to the themes individually instead of fusing them all into one scene was inspiring.”     

Tell us about the journey…

I wanted to pay tribute to Australia’s unique landscapes, showcasing each of them through creative changeovers on the façade of the flagship, to represent a full journey across Australia. The journey starts with an exploration of Coastal Cliffs – which takes its inspiration from places such as the Great Ocean Road in Victoria; before moving into the Red Centre – where I drew upon landmarks such as Edith Falls, the Southern and Northern Rockhole in the Northern Territory; the Rainforest – where I considered Australia’s luscious rainforest such as the Daintree; and finally, a dedication to Sydney – where I was inspired by the holistic beauty of the cities landscape. Here flora from the Royal Botanical Gardens flows, amongst the Harbour and beaches. Rather than creating one hybrid environment, by separating the artworks into four individual scenes, each capturing a specific look and feel, I felt this would be a great way to focus on the diversity of our natural habitats. As the artwork evolves, the viewer is introduced to a new environment with contrasting aesthetics.

What is exciting about working at this scale?

“The opportunity to create something super visible, and the idea that I can bring art to Sydney siders everyday life, especially coming out of lockdown. I hope it is a breath of fresh air. This is a vivid visual story of a journey through four unique Australian landscapes, arriving home in Sydney prior to the grand opening of the Cartier flagship boutique in 2022.” 

What made it the right choice for this site specific installation?

“The dimensions of the site also informed the work. I wanted to take the viewer on a journey both horizontally and inwardly. My approach is rooted in the beauty of nature, so it only felt right that I would create something that is true to my aesthetic, using this extraordinary blank canvas to immerse the viewer in a 3D dreamscape. This body of work seeks to highlight the majesty and variety of our vast land while signifying digital art as genuine artistic expression. I hope that viewers will experience a much-needed escape and sense of adventure. I hope that we can observe these artworks and realise how incredible and varied our natural environment is.”

Paul's artwork is on display as of today at the Cartier Oceania Flagship store, which will open in 2022.