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We like a new era and P.E Nation is being reborn. Wiping the slate clean (literally, on the brand's Instagram), designer and founder Pip Edwards toned down the classic P.E Nation stripes and bold colours, and put it in neutral. Earth-toned sweatsuits were cropped, logos were re-worked and zoomed out on sportsbras, sheer long skirts and shirts were Mad Max-esque, parachute pants had the perfect amount of slouch and the brand's signatures like puffer jackets, hoodies and bomber jackets were tied around the waist. We spoke to Pip about creating a new chapter and what's next:

The P.E Nation IG has been wiped clean! We love the suspense. Tell us why you felt now was the right time to start a new chapter for the brand?

We decided to archive our IG because we didn’t want to draw comparisons, we’re not living in the past anymore. Looking to the future, the time felt right for a re-set. Every brand needs to continue evolving because life is dynamic, now more than ever before. The social media landscape we live in and the pace at which we are being pushed to move forward means demand is rapid, so we must shift with it.

Tell us about the collection and show.

There’s real intention in the show edit – really leaning toward looks that reflect the brand’s future direction. The show honed in on tonal colour palettes and there was a natural softness which we carried through hair and makeup looks. Overall, the collections moving forward are a lot more pared back, feature minimal branding, sophisticated detailing and luxe fabrications.

What was your design process like for this collection?

It was a true team effort! In many ways it felt like starting from the ground up again but we – fortunately has quite a bit of sales data we could interrogate, too. We did a lot of fabric exploration, looked at what had historically worked vs. not and why, we reviewed best-selling styles, trend analysis, had a lot of discussion around our customers (existing and potential), and most importantly- catering to the modern woman’s current lifestyle needs! This was what inspired me – what I wanted to wear every day.

What were you listening to while you designed this collection? What’s on the P.E/Pip playlist?

The soundtrack to our runway show! There were five tracks (below) mixed by Dan Lywood, who I love collaborating with. For me, being immersed in any creative vision has to include music, it brings all the energy and vibe! Set List:

  1. It’s Not Reallllllll – Fred Again
  2. It’s so good – Jamie XX
  3. Blow out – Overmono
  4. Sunshine – Luttrell
  5. Set you free – N-Trance (finale)

What have you learnt about yourself through designing this collection and bringing P.E Nation back to the runway?

Listen to your gut and trust what you know, it’s where the magic comes from. For P.E Nation, we’re anchored in active lifestyle, but it felt so natural to return to our fashion first credentials with both the collection and the show.

Who has been your mentor during this time?

My son Justice and my two besties Milly (Gattegno) and Mikey (Nolan) who have witnessed and been by my side throughout this journey. It goes without saying though, I couldn’t have done it without my P.E Nation team.

Looking at this collection, how do you think the brand has evolved to now?

We’ve stepped away from a lot of big logos, badges, bold and contrasting colours, clashing and statement hardware. It’s a lot more muted, subtle brand marks, a level of sophistication in its simplicity and, most importantly, when you deconstruct the looks, the base colour palette and silhouettes can seamlessly slip into every woman’s wardrobe. I think that’s what cements P.E Nation in fashion.

How do you hope the P.E Nation consumer feels wearing this collection?

That there is something in there for them. The runway edit represents around half the collection, so there are of course more fashion focused pieces represented. P.E Nation is fashion that moves with you, designed to liberate daily routines. That’s why we try to transcend the lines between active, leisure and everyday dressing with layers of styling in between – the brand’s interpretation is endless and our lifestyles are a constant source of inspiration.

Advice to young designers?

Find that connection to what you stand for and that makes your heart beat. F*cking commit and work hard. It’s relentless, you need a lot of resilience and perseverance, but because you genuinely love it, you won’t give up.

What’s next?

Shooting the RE/CREATION campaign! And getting ready for this collection to be released on July 11. I can’t wait for everyone to see it, touch it, try it on, style it!

Photography: Aidan Ouma-Machio
Joel Lumbroso