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Gotta love “There’s no place like home,” Dorothy’s immortal line, spoken by Judy Garland at the end of The Wizard of Oz in 1939. Still so true. And with so much “Kansas” out there right now, it felt like the time to explore the notion of home on our pages.

It also felt super-pertinent after 14 days of lockdown in Perth, WA, in an average-size hotel room with a small slice of a view; thank God for the trees. And then two days (no flights to Sydney) of rebirth out at Scarborough Beach on the edge of the world. So when Petta Chua suggested we approach Kevin Parker/Tame Impala to share his Perth homeland with us, it was, as they say, synergy. Sophie – his wife and all-round good woman – shot the story on disposable cameras (recycled) and captured the real essence of her man and their love.

Lockdown has made us all value home and family so much more. Mark Vassallo finally managed to fly back from the UK, where he has been for the past few years, and worked with Jesse Lizotte and TikTok-er Odell Mun in Berrima with a wardrobe full of the best LV. Yes, it’s all going on in the Southern Highlands right now. Cloudy Rhodes took to the wide-open beaches of the east coast in Maroubra, and Samuel Hodge ventured to many homes in Sydney in the quest for a good portfolio of great people for the poignant CK Pride story.

It was fun this issue, perhaps because it’s so personal from all involved. Writers penned  pieces about the cities, villages, hedgerows, homes and favourite places they’ve lived in over the years. Photographers all over the world took us to their most cherished places and photographed stories against meaningful backdrops. The great and the good stylists let us into their homes, and designers, too, sharing a glimpse of their personal lives because, as we know, home is where the heart is. Boom. Yes, Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion, they are all on this journey, and God it’s good. My “homes” are Frenchay, Double Bay, Orchard Road, Puglia, Paloma… It’s never-ending and each one has the best people. A good garden. Flowers. Paintings. Books. A view of life. Friends. Home is always a cup of earl grey tea, lemon cake, my super-talented family, laughter, ideas, honesty and doing this. Dear reader, you are the reason.

Alison Veness

10 Men Australia Issue 17, No Place Like Home, is out today.

Above: Kevin Parker is photographed by Sophie Lawrence Parker and styled by Petta Chua in Zegna. Read the full story out today.


Odell Mun wears Louis Vuitton, photographed by Jesse Lizotte and styled by Mark Vassallo.