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If there is one thing we know about Mrs Prada’s youth-focused brand Miu Miu, it’s that it is created by women, for women. This is why for the latest release in the brand’s short film series, The Women Tales, it has tapped Malaysian filmmaker Chui Mui Tan, who’s joining in at lucky episode number 27.

Titled, I’m the Beauty of your Beauty, I’m the Fear of your Fear, Mui Tan’s short follows a young woman who recently moved to Malaysia from China in the search to find her inner joy. The writer and director explores the many definitions of self-defiance and how women can transform previous struggles into strength, with the aid of close friendships and self-reflection.

To coincide with the film, Miu Miu is hosting a series of discussions and screenings at Yongfu C52 in Shanghai, conversing questions around the two titles, “Our Bodies: A Tapestry of Luminous Mysteries” and “Goddesses, Women and Femininity – Reshaping Female Narrative.” The line-up includes the Mui Tan of course, but will also host Sdany Lee, Jo Kukathas, Mao Bao, Cao Dan and Fei Yining.​​