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Gabrielle Chanel, like us, loved a cosmic moment. Inspired by stars and comets, she wanted to "cover women in constellations... see these comets, where the head glitters on a shoulder and the sparkling tail slips behind the shoulders to fall back down in a shower of stars on the chest..." she once said. Gabrielle Chanel was a Leo Sun, Sagittarius Rising, and a Pisces Moon. So according to our expertise, that meant she was destined for fame, loved to dream, tapped into her emotions, creative, and naturally abundant. Sounds about right. Her love of the planets and celestial dust inspired her first high jewellery collection in 1932, when she desgined the Comète necklace.

For the house's new fragrance, Chanel's Perfumer Creator Oliver Polge was inspired by Chanel's love of stardust. “At the beginning of each creation, you need an inspiring element, and for COMÈTE, the starting point was the idea of star dust,” explains Olivier Polge. “The comet is a strong symbol for Chanel, and I’m thinking in particular of the Comète necklace from the 1932 high jewellery collection, which is worn open, laying right on the skin, and reminds me of the enveloping trail of a skin fragrance.” A natural evolution.

COMÈTE continues the LES EXCLUSIFS DE CHANEL collection, and is suffused with cherry blossom, heliotrope notes, iris extract and musk. It is a lucky star for those on a path of light, who love to dream and who need just a little sprinkle of secret Chanel star dust each day.