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Everyone’s favourite beauty bad girl is back, and this time Isamaya Ffrench is turning her innovative eye onto the facial-shaping field. Partnering with FaceGym, the skincare and facial massage brand founded in 2014 by Inge Theron, the industry disruptor has created an updated version of the Gua Sha tool called Sculpt 01. Combining Ffrench’s boundless creativity and Theron’s expertise in the field, the new release focuses on prepping skin before applying makeup. Speaking on how the tool differs from the traditional Gua Sha, which originates from time-honoured Chinese medicine, Theron says, “It’s the first of its kind on the market – designed for versatility, it offers multiple features to target different areas of the face and scalp, enhancing tension release and addressing scalp care, as well as sculpting the face… It’s dramatic and stunning but with function at the forefront.”

Featuring a comb, curved edge, ball tip and scalp claw, each part of the design has a specific and considered purpose. The comb stimulates the lymphatic system in the neck and the curved edge contours cheeks and nasolabial folds. The ball tip targets reflexology to attain a natural-looking lift, while the claw relieves tension, improving overall scalp and hair health. The material of the tool has also been considered, with Ffrench noting, “Because it’s metal, it’s colder than anything else and gives a stronger de-puffing shot in the morning. Expert tip: keep it in the fridge. Hardcore tip: keep it in the freezer.”

It’s a collaboration that makes so much sense but is still unique and forward thinking. Speaking on how the partnership came to fruition, Theron says, “Isamaya and I have been admiring each other for a very long time. She has been a regular client at FaceGym and I have watched in awe as she has broken boundaries with her incredible drops, [she’s] always so creative and brilliant in everything she does. I think she is the most exciting artist in the industry today, she takes incredible risks, yet remains so real. So, I think it was love at first sight and we both have a strong affinity for facial exercise and facial massage.”

The passion that the pair share is so clearly translated in the model’s design. What inspired it? “I’ve been using different massage combs from all over the world for years but have never found one that does everything. This is a seriously researched and developed object and it’s really the only thing you’ll ever need for lymphatic drainage, sculpting, circulation and de-puffing,” Ffrench says.

Sound up your street? Theron has big plans for FaceGym so luckily there’s more where that came from. Regarding what to expect in the future, the founder says, “This is just the beginning, there is definitely more to come. I don’t want to give too much away but could there possibly be a FaceGym Body Facial?… I’ve said too much, I will leave it at that.”

Shop Sculpt 01 here. Photography courtesy of FaceGym.

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