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Hermès set the perfect Spring scene in Paris. Transported to a meadow maze of tall dried grass and wild flowers, we were on the eve of Spring turning to Summer. Walking to the beat and birds singing, Anok Yai opened the show in a bralette (a nod to the House’s new yoga collection) and a perforated-patterned leather skirt. Skirts and double-zippered pants loosely flowed, tops were ultra cropped, and leather details popped up on the pockets of cotton shirts.

A red hot series of looks celebrated Hermes Rouge, with mini leather dresses, beach-ready crisp cotton open shirts and shorts, and leather belts cinching almost every waist. Double faced cashmere and silk coats were worn over bodysuits, equestrian pea coats were worn over ribbed silk knit miniskirts. The final look was a rich brown leather mini dress, which everyone was talking about and loving. Nadège Vanhée created a complete wardrobe for the Hermès woman, who could venture from countryside to tropical inside in these looks. She’s listening to Sade’s Haunt Me, as heard in the show soundtrack, taking in the last rays of sunlight and living completely in the moment.