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Donna Trope is a true master of craft, with her latest book, Polaroids, proving she lives up to her reputation and more. Born in LA and raised in London, Trope has been a friend of 10 since the very beginning, with her conceptual approach to beauty photography shifting industry aesthetics more than most could ever fathom. Having dominated both commercial and editorial spheres for many years – with clients ranging from Lancôme and Sephora to Vogue and Dazed – Trope refused to stop there. With photographs in the permanent collections of The Victoria & Albert Museum as well as selected private displays, the creative has transcended industry boundaries to prove she is a true artistic trailblazer.

Raw, salacious and dripping in sex appeal, the work – which hit shelves on October 10 – gives a sneak peek into how Trope has been giving the middle finger to tradition since the start of her career. A compilation of 25,000 polaroids taken as tests before she would start shooting, this coffee-table must-have gives fans the opportunity to see Trope’s most intimate, emotional and unpolished moments as she developed her distinct style. Published by Patrick Remy Studio, the featured images are mandatory viewing for any creatives looking to go against the grain. Sound up your street? Trope is hosting a book signing tomorrow, 6-8pm, at the OFR Bookshop in Paris and it’s not one to miss.