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It’s Friday and we know what that means: an immaculate TGIF playlist coming up. In celebration of New Music Fridays, we have our eyes on Bang & Olufsen’s Beogram-4000 series turntable Upgrade Kit. Announced at Milan Design Week, the upgrade marks the brand’s first solution for their classic products. The Upgrade Kit will be performed as a service solution where engineers will disassemble the turntable and upgrade it with new fabric, cables, hand-crafted wood panels, a new dust cover, restoration and repainting of the steel chassis, and a maintenance check. “The new upgrade kit is part of Bang & Olufsen’s Recreated Classics initiative, which aims to restore and recreate vintage products. This is so customers can treat them as investments for generations to come," says Mads Kogsgaard Hansen, who is leading Bang & Olufsen’s recreated classic initiatives. In the words of Queen B, who we do love to blast on our Beograms, “partner, let me upgrade you”.