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Our favourite fashion killa has been out on the town in Los Angeles, making waves in recent weeks wearing all Bottega Veneta, only Bottega Veneta. Turns out the paparazzi photos from each of A$AP Rocky's expeditions have been the IRL photoshoots for the new BV campaign. Clever. From bubblegum pink Intrecciato bags to cloud grey sweatsuits and loosely tailored suits, the Pre-Spring 2024 campaign features all the best bits of Matthieu Blazy's BV.

The artist wrote on Instagram: “Throughout history, there has always been a funny relationship between photographers and celebrities. Even down to the rights and the usage of photos, and the tabloid hustle, there’s always seemed to be a disconnection between famous people and the photographers who follows [and] film them. While certain celebrities call paparazzi on themselves, other celebrities might get confrontational with photographers. While a very small few, such as myself, don’t mind, as long as they post the good angles, of course.” One can always count on good angles when wearing Blazy's Bottega.