anna quan: resort 2025

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The flow of water, the introduction of denim, Little Simz, Daft Punk and an expert 10-favourite beauty team of Renya Xydis on hair and Victoria Baron made up the Anna Quan Resort 2025 collection. We spoke to the designer about her new collection:

Tell us about the development of new fabrics and what you have created that is new for this season?

I've created another custom print, hardware and played around with surface texture with experimental shirring.

How do you think your design process and the pieces have evolved?

I usually build the design process around unresolved previous season silhouettes I want to improve. I look at sourced fabrics and around the assortment feedback we receive from previous seasons to draw inspiration. I like to look at the sales data to understand customer buying patterns to understand what I should be designing into or should have designed into.

You’re introducing denim this season. Why now? What is different about your denim?

I haven't had a good opportunity to do denim till now due to lack of economies of scale, being able to meet minimum order quantities and finding the right contacts who specialise in denim. It's a very competitive market. Denim is very specialised with it's own treatments, washes, processes and machinery and finishes. If I do it, I want to do it right. The denim I am designing is more under the umbrella of "fashion denim" rather than traditional denim 5 pocket pants like Levis. We are not trying to compete with that but at the same time doing non traditional silhouettes but utilising traditional treatments and finishes.

What have you learnt about yourself through crafting this collection?

Having constraints forces you to be more creative.

What were you listening to while you designed Resort 25?

Nothing. I work in silence and can hear myself think.

Describe the ANNA QUAN woman this season… what does she love? What is she reading? Where is she hanging out?

This woman is looking for clothes that make her everyday life special. She's not overthinking her wardrobe, she's sure of herself and her identity. She doesn't do things that are deemed cool, she values her time with the people around her, or her peace and solitude.

You have collaborated with eBay to revive some of your most iconic pieces - why was this important for you to do?

I have included many core shapes and styles that we have had running through multiple seasons and our archives. I'd like to show that being "fashionable" isn't inherently about having the "latest" or "newest" thing.

Who would you love to see wearing this collection? Dream girl?

Pernille Teisbaek is just very iconic to me as she's always ahead of the fashion curve and always picking pieces that no one else will pick and put together which shows an inner confidence. The "dream" woman is someone who doesn't need validation.

What’s next?

Everything in design is always a process that we're trying to perfect and optimise.