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March, 2022


The exact ratio needed to twist a normative object into something special.” So read the first entry on the Louis Vuitton menswear show notes in 2019… This was from ‘The vocabulary according to Virgil Abloh’- a liberal definition of terms and explanation of ideas. This was his debut collection for the house. So it went for the next few years, a democratic A-Z of funny observations and 3% methodology. He was the man. He brought so much to life, he enabled and he allowed so many good people, projects and creativity to flourish. His 3% was also three years at Louis Vuitton. Not long enough in the scheme of life. But three years was the exact ratio to twist the storied LV - and our minds and wardrobes. Virgil gave people opportunities and those who were lucky enough to work with him or knew him all have so many good stories about how inspiring he was. In this issue, dedicated to healing, Anders Christian Madsen shares his own very personal journey, writer, friend and confidante, together they worked closely for many years. Virgil was the ultimate collaborator. In your honour, an extra vocabulary entry:

H Healing 

We all need to do it now you are gone. Find a space and gaze out to somewhere. Then get back to work.

F Future

What is it without you? Like to think it is still 3% in your memory but maybe it’s 2.99%, like a waning moon, a tiny indecipherable sliver is missing.

B Balance

Weighty is this word especially when it’s thrown off kilter by your sudden loss. Somehow though, the left and the right will equalise and we will follow your lead and pursue equality, open doors for others and try to give as much as you did with your generosity of spirit. We will play it loud and softly and sing through the chaos in our hearts.

Issue 19, HEALING BALANCE FUTURE, is out this week.

Above, Jarvis wears Gucci photographed by Bart Celestino and styled by Sarah Starkey.


Big Sean wears Zegna, photographed by Elliott Morgan and styled by Van Van Alonso.
Goi, Wang, Ethan and Mohamed wears Louis Vuitton, photographed by Jenny Brough and styled by Jean-Philippe Phine N'Djoli.