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Introducing Issue 23 of 10 Magazine Australia: DARE TO DREAM.


This issue is dedicated to the profound significance of fantasy and the dreamers who shape our lives in our world of fashion, art and words. It is, after all, the dreamers who propel us forward, envisioning possibilities beyond the constraints of reality. They inspire us to reach for the stars, encouraging innovation, creativity and the pursuit of the extraordinary. Without the dreamers, our world would lack that explosive and, often times, inexplicable fashion magic that sparks progress. In literature, fantasy serves as a powerful conduit that explores the depths of human emotion and the intricacies of our existence.

Through fantastical realms and imaginative narratives, we are taken to places where reality intertwines with the mystical. It’s within these stories where we perhaps discover profound truths about ourselves and the world around us. This issue considers the elusiveness of magic. Fashion’s magicians play a pivotal role in pushing boundaries, something I’ve always believed in – and they challenge the conventional.

Visionaries within the fashion industry, such as Comme des Garçons’ Rei Kawakubo, Miuccia Prada and Julien Dossena at Rabanne, create clothes and a richness that is amazing. This not only reflects personal expression but also serves as a place for the fantastical, a realm where dreams come to life, influencing culture.

The wonderland of Prada was brilliantly showcased in the Pradasphere II exhibition in Shanghai recently, with all the landmark collections curated by Raf Simons and the whole lot staged by the thoughtful’s Michael Rock. It set the bar for whimsical, unexpected, futuristic, daring, ugly, beautiful ideas. The importance of fantasy extends beyond escapism; it is a driving force that fuels our aspirations and shapes the complexity of shared human experience. As we celebrate the designers who dream big, and dare to pursue sometimes an idiosyncratic path outside the wearable and the everyday, we recognise their role in creating the exceptional, vibrant, imaginative and enchanting world that we call 10.


Daniela wears Louis Vuitton, photographed by Vanina Sorrenti and styled by Sophia Neophitou.
Milena wears Saint Laurent, photographed by Stefano Galuzzi and styled by Sophia Neophitou.
Stella wears Rabanne, photographed by David Vasiljevic and styled by Sophia Neophitou.
Roxane wears Balenciaga, photographed and styled by Davey Sutton.
Fazerdaze wears Chanel, photographed by Nicole Brannen and styled by Tom So.
Nyaueth wears Gucci, photographed by Matt Healy and styled by Oliver Volquardsen.
Aiden wears Bottega Veneta, photographed by Francesc Planes and styled by Garth Allday Spencer.
Aria wears Cartier High Jewellery, photographed by Candice Lake and styled by Abby Bennett.