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March, 2022

This issue delves into the idea of healing, which seems like the best thing to honour right now. We have spoken to so many people who share glimmers of incredibly personal stories (there are no rules to healing). One of the most fascinating is Lauli Moschini, who practises Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR), a structured therapy that aims to rewire the brain’s approach to trauma. She is quite brilliant and offers hope and real solutions. Journalist Kate Finnigan shares how the simple act of walking helped her refocus post marriage combustion and the whip-smart Sarah Mower writes about healing through creativity and flow. Love flow  and people sharing.

I find healing in freedom and I have found it through swimming early in the morning wherever I am. I think it is immersion and the power of water that helps wash away the crazy. Best of times is floating in a pool and looking up at an incredible blue sky at Collette’s home in Bowral.  I’ve also been living in Soho, London, for a few months (thankfully there is a beautiful swimming pool nearby) and I love the energy that comes from this most British underbelly and maze of streets - so much life. The theatres are buzzing. Moulin Rouge!is playing down the road and the queues wind around the block. Cabaret is sold out and Shaftesbury Avenue has been pumping with people enjoying a night out once again. Theatre is the best. It has been such an exciting time - everywhere full of hope, joy and new life. That was then, this is now. 

As we go to press, the horrifying invasion of Ukraine is taking place. This is a sobering reminder that our collective freedom is very fragile. Originally I’d written that 2022 – post the worst of the pandemic – was a year to experience amazing things again, like we were waking up from a bad dream. But this  new reality is a tragedy. We all need to do something to  make this atrocious situation better for people who are suffering (there are many charities accepting support).  As Ukrainians have shown us, together we can be strong.

Issue 19, HEALING BALANCE FUTURE, is out this week.

Above, Manahou and Rhys wear the Tiffany Knot collection, photographed by Byron Spencer and styled by Peter Simon Phillips.


Ajak wears Fendi, photographed by Elliott Morgan and styled by Davey Sutton.
Dechen wears Cartier jewels, photographed by Bananas Clarke and styled by Sarah Starkey.
Laiqah wears Balenciaga, photographed by Jeff Hahn and styled by Davey Sutton.
Jeanne wears Gucci, photographed by Tom Blesch and styled by Jamie-Maree Shipton.
Ana wears Alexander McQueen, photographed by Thomas Rousset and styled by Jamie-Maree Shipton.