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Mvlholland is our new one to watch. The Bali-raised, Byron Bay-based musician, Grace Mulholland is Mvlholland and is ready to take us by storm with her sweet, soulful voice and epic songwriting. We spoke to the artist about her world and what's next:

We love your single 83. You have such a great voice. When did you begin singing?

“Thank you so much! That really means the world. I’ve loved singing for as long as I can remember, but I wasn’t good at it until I was around 13-14 years old. I have no idea how it happened. One minute I was tone deaf and the next I was singing at my school talent show. I only realised my passion for music when I was around 17. My parents encouraged me to move to London and give it a real shot. They have always been so supportive of my musical passion and have been instrumental in making it all happen.”

We have read you were raised in Bali. How did growing up there influence you and your sound?

“I did! It was such an amazing 13 years. Bali in itself completely shaped the person I am in every sense. I don’t know how it has shaped my ‘sound’ but I do know it has very much influenced my writing and storytelling from the get go. Bali shaped the person I am today and therefore the music I create. Balinese culture may not shine through in my music, but my upbringing in Indo has defined the stories and experiences I tell through my music.”

What do you love about living in Byron ?

“I think I really first fell in love with Byron because of how much it reminded me of Bali, but over time it really became something of its own. I started and finished high school here and met friends that I will have forever so it is a very treasured place for me in my heart.”

Tell us about 83 - when did you write it? What were you inspired by? Who did you work with?

"I wrote 83 in the fall of 2019 on my first writing trip in Australia. It was my third day in Sydney and the first time I met Lachlan Bostock, who is now a dear friend of mine and my main collaborator. Before meeting Lach, every writing session I had done started off by listening to countless references and searching for artists I wanted to sound like, but with Lach it was so different. We sat there and talked for an hour and then he just started strumming his guitar, unknowingly playing what was to become the opening of 83. I had written the first verse in the Uber on the way to the studio and we finished writing the rest in two hours. I didn’t know what 83 was really about until I had finished writing the song. I kept saying 83 over and over and over again, which felt super strange because it’s such a random number, but when I googled it and I saw that it was a highway that ran straight through America. After that, the whole story line grew from there and voila!”

What’s your music making process like? Are you always writing? 

“It’s very different every time. Usually when I write I like to set a task for myself, like a song in two time signatures, or with a key shift, or recording a whole song using just my voice. I really like doing this as it keeps my writing fresh and positively challenging, otherwise it can get very repetitive. I write all the time! I have over 1000 pages of notes in my phone full of lyrics, songs and ideas.”

Do you have a mentor?

“I more so have an amazing team of support. My music team and family are always there to guide and support me and answer any questions I have.”

Who would you love to collaborate with?

“I would LOVE to collaborate with Sarah Aarons. She’s hands down one of my favourite song writers!”

Who is on the Mvlholland playlist right now?

“A big mix of artists! We have some old Taylor Swift, Queen, lots of Harry Styles, pop hits from the early 2000s and of course, Lorde.”

We love your style - are there any designers or brands you love? 

“Thank you! I love lots of small boutique brands as well as brands like Alexander Wang, Alexander McQueen, Chloé, etc.”

What’s next? Are you working on an EP? What can we expect? We’re excited!

“I actually just finished my EP! It’s being finalised as we speak which is very exciting! The EP has a storyline throughout, every song connects to the next, but also is very unique. I am super proud of it all and can’t wait to share it with the world!”