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It’s girl in red day. Today, Norwegian rockstar of the indie pop world Marie Ulven aka girl in red has released her debut album ‘if I could make it go quiet’. It is, in her words, her way of “trying to understand what the fuck is going on.” Entirely self-written and co-produced throughout by Matias Tellez, the album is already one of our top albums of 2021. We love girl in red’s energy, her lyricism, her style and her attitude. So, we asked her Ten Questions:

How did you come up with the album title? What do you want to make go quiet?

"The album title is an outtake from some lyrics in one my songs off the record, ‘Body and Mind’. I wanna make the loud shit that goes on in my head quiet."

How has your writing process evolved since Chapter 2 (EP)? Where did you write most of it?

"It was 50/50 - i wrote most of it at home and then in Bergen which is the town i recorded the album in. I feel like my process hs changed in a way where i’ve completely let go of the term process. I used to be very like ‘what do i do’ ‘how do i do things’ and now im just kind of like im gonna do something."

Were you listening to any other music when creating this album?

"I wasn’t really listening to any music when I was making this album. I was very much like just listening to this record and then getting home from the studio and just being in some quietness. i definitely wasn’t listening to any music."

We love the whole album. Is there a song you are most proud of writing?

"That is impossible to decide because i’ve put so much effort into all songs! And i’m proud of the album as a whole. I’m not able to narrow it down to a song. i want to bring all the songs with me,  can’t just leave any one behind!"

You have said your lyrics couldn’t get more honest than Serotonin. How does it feel to be so vulnerable?

"It feels necessary and it feels like thats what i have to be to make the music i feel the most connected to. I’m not scared!"

Who did you love collaborating with on the album? Who would you like to collaborate with next?

"I had a really great time getting to know Matias Tellez who co-produced the album with me. I think i’d like to go back into the studio with him because i’ve got a new friend for life and we just had a really really good time in the studio! We just laughed so much. And, in the future.. I don’t really know yet! I’m very sucked into this album right now but as soon as the world starts opening up a little bit i definitely wanna start going on the road and shit. Not just touring, but music wise. I just wanna meet other musicians."

We love your style. Are you drawn to any designers? Who’s style do you love?

"I think Rick Owens has a lot of cool stuff, especially in his earlier days! I think he’s made some really cool shoes and really cool pants and stuff! I really like a bunch of people i follow on instagram’s style that i just found on my explore page. I just like a bunch of strangers styles, which is a product of social media.. But i think Billie Eilish has a cool style, and Harry Styles! Harry Stylish!"

What’s been the best moment on the journey of creating this album?

"When I came up with the rap part of Serotonin. I remember I was so so excited when I made that! I don’t think i’ve ever been so stoked about making something because i was just like THIS IS SO COOL! And that moment really sticks out to me! But also, every single morning in Bergen I would go and get two double iced lattes with oat milk and that was also a really good moment for me to just go and get that coffee, go into the studio! And then eventually start getting heart palpitations because i had so much coffee. But it was great. Love that for me!"

How do you want us to experience this album? A night drive, through headphones...

"I definitely want people to listen with a proper headset because i’ve put a lot of effort into the mix and shit. But, people can listen when they get some time for themselves."

And of course, for those who are new to you and your music… Why red?

"I’ve been in love with a girl who wore red!"

Listen to 'if i could make it go quiet' HERE.

Photograph by Jonathan Kise.