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Welcome to the wonderful world of Molly Lewis's whistling. The Australian-born, LA-based professional whistler, who soundtracked one of Barbie's scenes alongside Mark Ronson, and has worked with Chanel, Gucci and Hermes, has crafted an enchanting debut album. Recorded at Diamond West Studios with producer Thomas Brenneck, Lewis invited a slew of musicians to join her on the enchanting record, On The Lips. We spoke to the artist about the art of whistling and creating the album:

Hi Molly! We drove past a billboard of you on Sunset Boulevard this morning - so exciting to see. How are you feeling ahead of your debut album being released into the world?

I feel a bit overwhelmed but in a good way!

We love how the album starts with On The Lips. Tell us about starting the record in this way.

This was the last song we recorded for the album. I’d been listening to all the songs we had and was trying to think of a way to tie them all together. This felt like the little cherry on top, and a nice way to introduce people to what they’re about to listen to.

You worked with Thomas Brenneck across this project. How did he inform the sound of On The Lips? What did he bring to the Molly Lewis world this time?

Tom brings so much to the Molly Lewis world! From writing songs together, to sending each other inspirations, to his arranging instrumentals and playing multiple instruments on each track. We’ve recorded three records together now and it’s a pleasure to collaborate with him. We have very similar musical taste, and he has been very encouraging of me and really taught me so much about writing music and the recording process.

What do you hope to evoke through your special, unique sound on this album?

I hope people feel as though they’ve stepped into an evening at my lounge show, Café Molly.

What do you hope people take from the album?

That whistling can be a transportive and beautiful instrument.

Which was the hardest but most rewarding song to create  on the album?Making the songs was the easy and fun part! However, I always find mixing very difficult. You listen too much, you can’t hear anything objectively. It drives me nuts and makes me question everything and I need a big break from listening to the songs for awhile after that.

Was your environment a big factor in writing and making this album? It feels so layered and deep and emotional - where did you find yourself doing most of the creating?

Tom’s studio in Pasadena, Diamond West, was a big factor because it’s where all of the collaborators gathered. We made most of the songs there. Although there were some songs and melodies that I worked on at home by myself. I’d go for nature walks and listen. Or I'd drive alone and listen in the car. I feel the songs are emotional… there are some that describe my longing, heartache, friendship, anticipation… basically whatever emotion i was feeling at the time.

We must briefly go back to the beginning. When did you begin whistling? How did you realise you could make a career out of it?! What do you love about it?

I’ve been whistling since I was a young child. In 2018 I quit my day job because I started getting more and more opportunities to travel and play music. That was the beginning of when I felt it might be  possible to make some kind of career out of it. But in my wildest dreams I never thought I’d be here, billboard and all.

And what do I love about it? I love that with whistling I am able to participate in beautiful music and play with people I admire. I love that it can move people. I love wearing fabulous outfits. I love seeing the world!

You have worked with some incredible artists. Who is someone that taught you something significant that you have taken with you?

Every musician I’ve worked with has taught me something valuable. Since I'm not a trained musician, so much of what I have learnt has come from being in the studio or working with people or from friends who are in the music world.  Mac DeMarco gave me my first guitar and taught me the A7 chord… I think I’ve used that chord in every song I’ve written now, so thanks Mac!

What is something inspiring you right now, aside from music?

I love the paintings of Leonora Carrington and I’ve been reading her short fairy tales. They’re such an incredible companion to her artworks. It’s very  inspiring to see her visual world expanded in another form.

What’s next?

Playing shows all over the place. From NYC April 1st to a solar eclipse festival in rural Arkansas, to a Europe tour the rest of April.  So I’ll be traveling quite a bit the next few months. I’m also in the process of moving to NYC right now, so hopefully I’ll start more of a regular show there. But first I gotta go finish packing these damn boxes… !