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Melanie Grant is on a mission to make our skin glow like we’ve never glowed before. The Australian Skin Expert who has taken over Los Angeles, too, is officially Augustinus Bader’s Global Advisor. The cult skincare brand known for its supernatural The Cream and The Rich Cream is making moves with the new objects of desire: The Serum and The Eye Cream. We got to work at Ten Towers, taken through the steps of the ultimate Augustinus Bader skincare regime by Melanie. And yes, we did achieve the never-before-seen ultimate glow. We are officially Augustinus Bader devotees. To celebrate Melanie’s new partnership, we spoke to the skincare specialist to get the lowdown on everything AB:

Congratulations on your new role. When were you introduced to the brand?

“I was first introduced to Augustinus Bader through my friend Karlo Otto in Paris almost four years ago when the brand first launched. I was given both The Cream and The Rich Cream to try and was instantly taken with the fact that - not only was the formula elegant and a pleasure to use, but also efficacious. It was during a particularly cold winter in Paris and my skin was sensitised, dry and red from the harsh wind, cold temperature, heating and the hard water in Paris. I used the rich cream before going to bed one night and the results were incredible, my skin continued to improve throughout the week. I was hooked. I've used this product every day since.”

Why is Augustinus Bader right for you? What do you love most about the brand?

“There are so many reasons - where to start! Aside from sophisticated formulas, their innovative TFC8 complex and a thoughtful approach to sustainable packaging and production, what continues to draw me in the most is Professor Bader himself. As a globally recognised biomedical scientist and a foremost expert in stem cell biology and regenerative medicine, I know that I'm getting some true innovation. He's the real deal.”

We love the new serum. It achieves so much - how have you noticed your skin evolve since you began using it?

"I've been using the serum for a little over a year now. Aside from instant and lasting hydrating, my skin has become firmer, plumper and more toned. Redness is reduced and it feels overall healthier.”

Can you break down the perfect AB skincare regime for a first time AB user?

“Rather than a perfect regime, it's more about choosing the right texture - The Face Oil for devitalised skins, The Cream if you're combination to oily, The Rich Cream is particularly great for sensitive, dry or mature skins. If you're concerned with dullness, fine lines or textural inconsistencies, The Essence is excellent used in the evenings after cleansing and before your serum and cream. The Serum gives all complexions an intensive boost - it's restorative, plumping, firming, energising and deeply hydrating.

Whether used in tandem or on their own, these are formulas that are completely multifunctional, so not only will they work hard on your behalf addressing multiple concerns at once, but they'll streamline your regime without compromise.”

The Cream and the Rich Cream are so loved. How does one choose which is right for them?

“The Cream for combination or oilier skins. The Rich Cream for normal, dry or mature skins. This is a great place to start. If you wanted to boost results, layering The Serum underneath morning and evening will help with hydration, fine lines, collagen synthesis and regeneration and repair.”

Can you share the secret as to why you think AB products are so coveted? What is it that makes them next level?

“Efficacy is at the core of each formula, as is the endeavour to use clean ingredients, sustainably. The patented TFC8 complex in every product translates Professor Bader's expertise into a daily skin care regime. It works with your own unique complexion to boost its ability to heal and regenerate, making the complexion firmer, stronger and healthier overall.”

Can you choose a personal favourite AB product?

“The Rich Cream has been a mainstay in my routine for years now. Though the serum and soon to be launched the eye cream are now firm favourites also!"

What is the most important sense to you in skincare - the touch, the smell etc?

“The feel and smell of any formula is so important - these sensorial and experiential elements make such a difference when you're bookending your day with skin care. That said, I prefer to avoid synthetic fragrances as these can be irritating to sensitive or reactive skins. Especially with oils, serums and creams, there is nothing more enjoyable than a luxurious and seamless texture."

Skincare myths you’d like to bust?

“The more is not the merrier! I really think there is something to be said for a simple yet thoughtful regime. Choose the right products for your unique complexion and don't overdo it with the actives. More is not more when it comes to skincare, especially actives.

There's a common misconception that the SPF in makeup offers sufficient coverage - it doesn't. Ensure that you apply a dedicated broad spectrum sunscreen each and every day.”

What is your ultimate Augustinus Bader skincare routine soundtrack?!

"Anything Hotel Costes by Stephane Pompougnac or perhaps Sebastien Tellier…”

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