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Carla Wehbe is continuing to rise up as one of Australia's most exciting artists. The singer-songwriter has released her new single Sideshow, an indie-pop-rock extravaganza about the "circus of breaking up" that is already solidified as one of our favourite Carla Wehbe tracks - and vocal deliveries. As she begins a new chapter, we spoke to the artist about creating Sideshow:

We love the new single. Tell us about the starting point for this song and what was on your mind as you wrote it?

"Thanks so much! So happy y’all are loving it. I was sitting on my bed one day in November back in 2022 and started playing some chords. I was a little angry about a situation that was currently happening in my life and the majority of the song just wrote itself."

What did you learn about yourself through writing such a vulnerable song?

"It actually feels like one of the less vulnerable songs i’ve released and a bit more brutally honest. I’m a massive people pleaser and so this song felt like taking back the control of my narrative."

Who did you work with to bring the track to life? What did they bring to it?

"I took the song idea to Robby De Sa who I work with a on a lot of my music, and Peach PRC helped me finish writing the song and make it what it is!"

How do you think you have evolved as a musician and songwriter that you can hear on Sideshow?

"Sideshow definitely has a bit more of a 2000s influence compared to my previous songs, which is the era of music I grew up on being a 90s baby. I’ve enjoyed having more input on the production side of things with my music."

Is this the beginning of a new Carla era?

"Definitely feels feels like a new era and i’m at the stage in my life where i am less afraid to take some risks."

What do you hope people hear in this song?

"I hope it empowers people to own their own narrative and if their situation starts to feel like a circus, the power to find the exit."

What have you been listening to that has been inspiring you lately?

"I actually don’t listen to much music at all, but a few artists who i think are really cool at the moment are Dylan, Conan Gray, Ray Bull, Stephen Dawes and Teenage Dads."

You’re currently on tour - how has it  been and how does it feel to bring Sideshow to life?

"It’s so much fun being able to play sideshow for new people and seeing people already sing the words back is crazy?!"

What’s something you’ve been passionate about - aside from music - that has been fuelling you recently?

"Fashion is one of my other passions and actually I have a clothing label i’ve been working on for the last few years called space cowboy, which is actually about to launch!"

What’s next?

"More music, more shows, more clothes more Carla."

Listen to Carla Wehbe HERE.