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For a few weeks the Discovery Dynamic HSE D300 7 Land Rover in Charente Grey became a part of the family. Its presence was undeniable, commanding attention on the mean streets of Bundanoon with its striking design and undeniable heft. But beyond its aesthetic appeal lay a world of adventure waiting to be explored.

At first glance it boasted an impressive array of features. Its robust chassis and advanced suspension system promised quite the ride both on and off the Southern Highlands country roads. Equipped with a powerful engine capable of tackling any terrain, it was more than just a vehicle; it was a gateway to the outer reaches of off-road freedom. As I climbed into the driver's seat, the slick interior seamlessly blended comfort with functionality. Windsor leather seats hugged, while state-of-the-art technology surrounded, world-at-fingertips situation.

With a simple touch, I navigated through the vehicle's myriad features, from the simplicity of climate control, heat warmth to entertainment options, all designed to enhance the driving experience. But it is the Discovery’s commitment to safety that truly sets it apart. With an array of intelligent sensors and driver assistance systems, it was one step ahead of my brain, alerting to potential hazards and helping to mitigate risks on the road. Whether navigating Sydney streets or venturing into the wilderness, it felt safe.

The family put the Discovery through its paces with its impressive off-road capabilities, it tackled the beach, a drive to the far south coast and rugged terrain with ease, conquering steep inclines and rocky-ish paths without it or us breaking a sweat. Its Terrain Response system allowed us to customize the driving experience, adapting to whatever challenges lay ahead. But it wasn't just about conquering the bush; the Discovery was equally at home on tarmac.

Its sleek design and agile handling made navigating city streets easy, while its spacious interior provided ample room, 7-seater, for passengers and cargo alike. Whether on short daily trips to Exeter for the lemon polenta cake or embarking on a fairly major road trip, it was the perfect companion for a journey – the Meridian sound system blasting the perfect playlist. It is an awesome beast, with its unmatched versatility and unwavering reliability, it is the business. See inside the vehicle below.