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It’s go time for a new era of 10 Magazine Australia cover star, Phoebe Go. After her solo breakthrough EP Player in 2022, the Melbourne-based artist is gearing up to release her debut album early next year. The recently released first single off the album, Something You Were Trying, is a clear evolution and start of a new chapter. Phoebe’s intimate songwriting and bittersweet storytelling dances lightly over Simon Lam’s production. This song is about picking myself up again,” Phoebe says. “It’s kind of a breakup song so there’s a fair bit of hurt in there, but it’s about the joyous stuff too. It’s about coming to grips with what’s there and laying down the armour.”

Ahead of the album release, we went to a dress rehearsal with the artist and CHANEL for The Australian Ballet’s Swan Lake inside the Sydney Opera House. Directed by David Hallberg, the performance was mesmerising and poignant.

Pre-show, we got ready with Phoebe and makeup mastermind/ CHANEL Makeup Artist Victoria Baron, who gave us the lowdown on Phoebe’s balletcore beauty look: “Phoebe’s beauty look is a paired back interpretation of the spirit embracing her personal style,” Victoria says. “With a broader application, the Holiday Makeup collection can be quite impactful and excessive, however a softer approach creates a natural and effortless beauty look. Light reflects off her eyelids and cheek bones, whilst her lips and cheeks are stained with lipstick like a natural flush, completion is hydrated and naturally radiant.”

We spoke to Phoebe about creating Something You Were Trying, Swan Lake, and what’s to come:

Hi Phoebe! We’re so excited for the music you have just released and everything that’s to come. You looked fab at the ballet. Tell us about getting ready with CHANEL and your first Australian Ballet experience?

Hey! It was so fun. The ballet was unbelievable. It almost felt imagined, like I’d dreamt it up or something. I got ready with CHANEL at my friends house just after flying in from Melbourne that morning. It was just really exciting and really sweet. I got to feel like myself while also wearing something really special.

What was your favourite part of the Swan Lake performance?

I really loved seeing the empty stage fill up for the first time. Also, because it was a dress rehearsal, I really loved the moments of interruption from the director David Hallberg. It just felt like a really unique window into the art form and a really rare experience. For something so exacting, it reminded me of the people and the work and the sensitivity behind it all.

Was there a piece today that you loved wearing / that particular stood out?

The watch! When I first put it on I looked down and realised that the time had stopped and I instantly smiled because I knew it had self winding movement. There’s just something so cool and romantic and ‘every day’ about this watch!

It’s been great watching your collaboration with CHANEL evolve. What’s been the best part about being involved with the brand?

Working with CHANEL is so much fun. I love that it’s unexpected and I love the brands attention to who I am as an artist.

We love the Swan Lake score. If you were to score an iconic film, musical or ballet, what would you pick?

James Bond.

We must talk about your recent single ‘Something You Were Trying’! It’s such a nice start to this new chapter, the lyrics are so clever. Where did you write this song? What was inspiring you? And why was it the right song to begin the rollout of your debut album? (!!!)

Thanks! I’m really proud of this one. It just felt right to lead with it, I think it really sums up the way I’m wired, as a person and as a writer. The bitter-sweet thing. It was written in the studio and it was inspired by a few things I had to overcome this year.

We also love the artwork and the video - what has been influencing your visuals as of late?

I think holding onto some level of light-heartedness has always been super important to me. Especially as a songwriter, the nature of the job can get pretty weighty and reflective. So its important for me to be myself and be playful while at the same time pouring my heart out. Haha. I really like it when you can offset the sadness in a lyric while also putting a spotlight on them.

What’s been on your playlist recently?

Troye Sivan’s new album.

Is there something you’ve been really passionate about as of recent - something aside from music?

Riding my bike <3

What’s next in the Phoebe Go universe?

A tour in the US next year. Let’s go!

Photographs by Lara Vrkic. Listen to 'Something You Were Trying' HERE.