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Game on! Max Mara has just levelled up, bursting into the virtual universe with its new Roblox game ‘Max Mara Coats Adventure’. Boasting 70 million daily users, the online platform is an unexpected home for the Italian brand’s latest marketing venture, but one that is sure to reap worthwhile rewards – and high scores.  

The new release allows users to navigate their way around a wonderful world that nods to the label’s most iconic outerwear, with virtual avatars skipping around fields made of fabric, circling trees that take the form of giant spools of thread and riding a coat-carrying rollercoaster. With a focus on education (Max Mara has dubbed it an “immersive edutainment experience), the game features three identifiable “zones”, intended to inform any players hoping to learn more about the process behind the production of the recognisable Teddy and 101801 coats. First stopping off at the “Pattern Lab”, users can solve puzzles to unlock new items of clothing and interact with other players before moving into the “Colour Parkour” space – a world that unlocks new Max Mara-ifed palettes to colour the garments you’ve collected. Lastly, the “Wunderkammer” chapter gives gamers the chance to unlock their own “Daimon” pet, as well as different pixelated power-ups.

Accompanying the release is an equally playful video series entitled The Making of Max Mara Coats Adventures, which explores the process of instilling key values and design codes into the game in each episode. Partnering with Milan-based design studio We Are Muesli and gaming experts Poptropica LTD, the intention of the foray was to appeal to a fresh clientele whilst staying true to the brand’s continued commitment to sharing knowledge and entertainment. With the 101801 turning 44 this year and the Teddy marking its 10th anniversary in December of last year, this innovative approach is proving Max Mara knows how to keep up with the kids.