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Fragrances are the subtle heroes of the high fashion world. Capable of leaving a defined and indelible stamp on wearers long after their release – think Chanel No. 5 or J’Adore Dior – the true beauty of a fragrance is measured by its generational longevity. A good scent can last forever and thank goodness for that. Here, we’ve rounded up our favourite fragrances of the season, all of which are sure to withstand the test of time.


First on the list is Chanel with its reinterpretation of a house classic: Chance Eau Fraîche Eau de Toilette. Originally introduced in 2002 as a scent anchored in Gabrielle Chanel’s quote “Chance is a way of being”, this floral fragrance was released again in 2023 with a more intense, contemporary edge. Blending notes of jasmine and zesty citron with a tweak wood accord, the maison’s resident perfumer Olivier Polge is the nose behind the reenergised offering. Combining the intensity of an Eau de Parfum with the bright, airiness of an Eau de Toilette, this sweet scent feels refreshingly optimistic, like a youth-restoring elixir you’ll want to bathe in.


Inspired by Christian Dior’s ’New Look’, a radical silhouette released in 1947 which boasted exaggerated hips and a teeny-tiny waist similar to the ‘Bar Suit’, comes La Collection Priveé Christian Dior New Look a new olfactory silhouette which launched at the beginning of this year. Developed by master perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, the body of the unisex scent is comprised of aldehydes and frankincense with nuanced notes of amber. The Kurkdijan creation is a bold reinterpretation of the process of creating couture, highlighting the paralleled importance of shape and structure. Not one to miss.


Initially launched in 2017, Tom Ford’s deeply seductive Vanille Fatale by renowned master scent designer Yann Vasnier is sure to be a hit for any perfume-loving pundit. Relaunched earlier this year, dominant notes include coriander and saffron, with deep, musky base notes of mahogany wood, roasted barley, coffee and tobacco, but it’s really an exploration of vanilla with its luxe Malagasy vanilla resinoids that bring a boldly defiant air to it. Encased in a renewed bottle design inspired by the original, the sleek, chocolate brown vessel mirrors the smooth, sultry energy evoked by the fragrance inside.

Top image: photography courtesy of Chanel.