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An out-of-the-ordinary take on the entrancing nature of the marine world, Chanel’s spring beauty collection is here to whisk you away to brighter skies and bluer waters.

Valentina Li, one of China’s top makeup artists, was charged with the creation of the range, which includes a highlighter, two eyeshadow palettes, an eyeliner, two liquid lipsticks, two tinted lip balms, a moisturising highlighting balm, two nail varnishes and a blush duo. Part of Chanel’s new project, the Comètes Collective – formed by Li, alongside Ammy Drammeh and Cécile Paravina to explore the power and singularity of colour through the creation of Chanel’s colour cosmetics – this springtime offering is a true marine dream.

Borne from the emotionally provocative nature of a singular colour, blue – the “window to the soul” according to Li – as well as Li’s own fascination with water, the collection comes to life. “Water has been my inspiration for years. I remember the first time I saw rain when I was a child. I kept asking questions about the colour of the water: why is the ocean blue and the river green? In doing so, I discovered that water and light are magical makers of colour. Water is the source of everything, including us,” says Li. “The appeal of my collection lies in the mystery of the colour blue, its connection to us, and the way it endlessly surprises us. I want everyone to really be able to feel that.”

A makeup outing compacting the vivid shades of the ocean, juxtaposing warm coral tones with alluring blues, it’s great for any seaside stay. To cinch that mystical Mermaid look, Li suggests starting with the exclusive Lumière de L’ocèan highlighter to illuminate the cheekbones, Cupid’s bow, and brow bone with a cyan shimmer. Playing with the way sunlight refracts off of crystalline sea, the pearlescent blue highlighter is an exclusive, buildable product that boasts a subtle, sheer finish and like water, glistens under the light. Follow this with the Les 4 Ombres Rivage palette on the eyelids. Exclusive to the spring collection, it features four cool eyeshadow shades, each a reflection of the colours found along the coast at the meeting of land and sea: a satiny turquoise, a subtly satiny champagne, a luminous matte brown and a translucent hue with a pink gold shimmer. Finish it off with the Stylo Yeux Waterproof eyeliner in the intensely electric Bleu Abysse shade along the upper and lower lash lines, lightly blended, for a seductive smokey eye.

If you’re more of a beach bum than an aquatic creature, try Les 4 Ombres Coral Treasure instead. Playing with coral tones – an apricot orange, a luminous fuchsia, a lilac pink, and a semi-matte coral orange – this eyeshadow palette is perfect for bringing a touch of warmth to the face. Pair it with Li’s Baume Essentiel – a reimagination of her favourite Chanel highlighting balm – which arrives in a brand new, pearly Mermaid Glow shade, combining shimmering golds and pinks to mimic the iridescence of seashells. A highly versatile product, Li suggests applying it to the eyelids, the inner corner of the eyes and the lips for the best results. Then brush on the Roses Coquillage Blush Duo, an exclusive orange-hued two-toned complexion product, for that smooth, sunkissed finish.

Also included in the collection are two shades of Chanel’s best-selling liquid lipstick, Rouge Allure Laque, as well as two Rouge Coco Baumes, a hydrating tinted lip balm that provides a more natural finish.

To perfectly polish off either look, Chanel has included two long-lasting nail varnishes that coordinate gorgeously with the face products. Le Vernis Sun Drop, a Anthozoa shade, recalls the colours of a true sunset by the sea while Le Vernis Lagune drops the eyes from the sunset to the colour of the sea during the twilight hour. That daunting vastness and depth of the ocean glistens with a metallic blue shimmer on the fingertips. Will you take the plunge? Discover the collection here.

Photography courtesy of Chanel.