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People who are passionate about fashion, obsessives. It’s okay. We have worked with so many great people from musicians Ethel “Hayden” Cain who performed at Sydney Opera House as part of Vivid, a festival of light, art and culture and is it right now; MAY-A the 22 year old rising star who is a force of nature; the young and super talented artist Camille Olsen-Ormandy; the Aussie GOAT Collette Dinnigan; and Byron Spencer the photographer/ fashion editor/ performer who is a whirlwind of creativity and just kept going for us from Sydney to Paris; Milan and LA and back.

The pages are full of wonderful people who we admire who inspire us and have influenced so many others too along the way. My own dedication to fashion started with tomboy enthusiasm and is still one packed with vintage pieces from so many eras and designers and lots of Prada.  

Alexander Fury is one of the international fashion’s most dedicated and distinguished collectors, he has amassed a 3000 plus, museum quality, fashion archive, foraged from every corner of the world. He poses with his favourite pieces (rare finds by John Galliano, Vivienne Westwood, Azzedine Alaia and Prada), and nominates his future collectables, from the AW23 collections.

Angelo Flaccavento has a different take on collecting. His passion for Issey Miyake Homme Plisse began as a practical desire for uniform dressing - a bit like my own approach with my vast Azzedine Alaia collection. He writes about how his urge for convenience, functionality and practical style have led him to amass over 300 pieces.  

Stefano Pilati and Andre Walker are two iconic fashion figures, whose impact on our 10 world is immeasurable and both have created portfolios for this issue.

This September we celebrate all the ‘dedicated followers of fashion’ in our 10 Magazine community. We are also celebrating the launch of 10 Magazine in the USA, edited by the unstoppable Dora Fung. This now makes three editions globally with Australia and the mothership in the UK charged by Sophia Neophitou Apostolou - who is the most dedicated follower of fashion of us all.

Alison Veness


The new issue of 10 Magazine Australia - FASHION, ICON, DEVOTEE - is out today.


Gabriella Brooks wears Bulgari, photographed by Byron Spencer and styled by Peter Simon Phillips.
Estrella Gomez wears Gucci, photographed by Stefano Galuzzi and styled by Tanya Jones.
Isabella Emmack wears Saint Laurent, photographed by Jimi Franklin and styled by Garth Allday Spencer.
Megan Miles wears Balenciaga, photographed by Byron Spencer and styled by Adrian Bernal.
Camille Ormandy-Olsen wears Cartier.
MAY-A wears Celine, photographed by Max Doyle and styled by Peter Simon Phillips.
Ajak Dhieu wears Chanel High Jewellery, photographed by Antoine and Charlie, and styled by Sophia Neophitou.
Sarah Brown wears Louis Vuitton, photographed by Vasiljevic David and styled by Sophia Neophitou.